348/409 Engine Parts Interchange List

This list contains parts that interchange between the 348/409 and the small and big block Chevrolet engines.

Part Interchanges with
Small block
Interchanges with
Big Block
Condensor Yes Yes  
Distributor No No  
Distributor Cap Yes Yes  
Distributor Gear Yes Yes  
Fuel Pump Yes No  
Fuel Pump Mounting Plate Yes No  
Fuel Pump Push Rod Yes Yes  
Harmonic balancer Yes No Small block balancer will fit but timing mark must be changed.
Oil Pump Yes No  
Oil Filter Cartridge Yes Yes AC PF-141 (used up through 1967)
Oil Filter Cannister Yes Yes Used thru 1967
Piston Rod Bearings No Yes  
Points Yes Yes  
Rotor Yes Yes  
Rear Main Seal No Yes  
Starter Yes Yes  
Timing Cover No No  
Timing Cover Seal Yes No  
Vacuum Advance Yes Yes  
Valve Springs (340hp 409) Yes No  
Valve Springs (400hp 409) No No  
Valve Springs (425hp 409) No No  
Water Pump Bearing Yes No  
Water Pump Seal Yes No  
Water Pump Impeller Yes No