1963-1967 Accessory codes

Using the charts below, you can decode some or all of your ACC codes on your 1963-1967 Chevrolet.

How to read these codes:

Example: E2EM3C5V

The first E is part of group 1 (note-a 1 is never used on the tag for group 1) By looking on the Group 1 chart below this tells us that the car has tinted windows.

The next digit shows group 2 followed by code E & M. Looking at code E & M on the Group 2 chart below shows that this car has air conditioning and a powerglide.

Group 3 is next followed by code C for padded dash

Next is Group 5 code V. Notice there is nothing for group 4. This particular car has no options from group 4 so it is omitted. Looking at the chart under Group 5, we see that code V is for seat belts.

* Note-some plants didn't use the codes listed below but would put the actual RPO numbers on the tag instead. (example: A01, D55, etc) If you car has this type, go to the RPO codes page.

Group 1

Code RPO Years Description
B   1967  
D C06 1965-67 Power top
E A01 1964-67 Tinted glass-all
F A42 1964-67 Power bench seat
G A33 1964-67 Power tail gate (station wagon)
L A67 1967 Fold down rear seat
T A46 1965-67 Power bucket seat
W A02 1964-67 Tinted windshield (only)
X A31 1965-67 Power windows
O   1966- Two tone paint
Y   1965-66  

Group 2

Code RPO Years Description
A   1965  
A M40 1966-67 Turbo 400
B   1967 3 speed floor shifter
E C60 1967 Air conditioning
G D55 1967 Console
H C48 1967 Heater delete
K C60 1965-67 Air conditioning
L M20 1964-67 4 speed M21, M22
M M35 1964-67 Powerglide
N   1965-67  
P U63 1964- Push button radio
P Z13 1964- Back up lights
P Z13 1964- Remote mirror
Q     4 speed
R U80 1964-67 Rear seat speaker
S U73 1964-67 Rear manual antenna
T U75   Rear power antenna
U U57 1967 Stereo tape system
Z   1965 Convertible rear speaker
Z M40 1965- Turbo 400
Z N37   Tilt steering wheel

Group 3

Code RPO Years Description
B C50 1964-67 Rear window defogger
C B70 1964- Padded dash
D Z01 1964-67 Special lighting group
K Z21 1967- Exterior chrome-style trim group
L Z22 1967- Rally Sport
P     Power steering
S Z23 1967- Interior chrome
X   1967-  
Z J65 1964- Metallic brakes

Group 4

Code RPO Years Description
D C50 1967 Rear window defogger
F Z01 1964-66 Comfort & convenience package
F Z13 1967 Remote mirror
K L78 1967 SS 396 375hp
L   1965  
L Z28 1967 302 290hp
M Z16 1965 SS 396 375hp
N L35 1967 SS 396 325hp
P L48 1967 SS 350 295hp (Dec-Jan Z-28)
P   1965 Right exterior mirror
U   1865 Corvair

Group 5

Code RPO Years Description
B V30 1967 Bumper gaurds
C   1967  
L   1965-  
M   1967  
O   1964-67 Exterior chrome
V A37 1964- Seat belts
W   1964-65 Right exterior mirror
Y A49 1964- Deluxe seat belts
Z A85 1966- Shoulder seat belts