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You may recall some of the old websites that led up to such as; Bobs 409 Chevy page, The 348/409 Yahoo club and The 348/409 Chevrolet forum. These websites did serve us well in their day but with the need for more webspace to grow as well as traffic space due to an increase in popularity, the time had come to go professional. With the free webhosts there was more and more forced advertising which was getting out of hand. The free webhosts just couldn't measure up...

So first off, we needed a catchy new web address. says it all and it's easy to remember too! Next, a dependable webhost was needed and we have a great one with Now that we had our address and our new home, we needed a message board so we could conduct our w-motor business on so we went for the best. Our Forum is made by Xenforo and is top notch! It's a state of the art message board that is loaded with great features and improves regularly. It makes interacting with the other 348 or 409 owners a pleasant experience and is the hub of activity around here. The forum is called the " Info Exchange" and for good reason. When you need answers to help with your 58-65 Chevrolet or 348/409 engine, it's the only place to go to.

To show off your ride, be sure to create an album in our Member photo albums. It uses the same log in as the forum to make your visit run smooth.

Everywhere you turn, has got something for you and your antique Chevy. Casting numbers, part numbers, suffix codes, VIN decoder, paint and interior trim decoders, production numbers, sales ads, reference photo's, articles, automotive tips/tricks, and so much more... It's all here in one spot.

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