Flashback to 1958-65!
(in living color!)

Rocket ships and space travel was every boys dream!

Welcome to the Flashback 1958-65 page. Here you'll get a taste of what the 1958-1965 era was like...Drive in movies dotted the map...roadside diners and "drive in" restaurants were abundant...department stores such as "Woolworth's" had lunch counters...drug stores had soda fountains (operated by "sodajerks")
Drive in carhop   Mmmmmmm!   Department store lunch counter   Sodajerk

This was a time when cars were built with performance and style and you could identify them by make and model from a few blocks away! Leaded gas was still available and you told the station attendant to "fill it with Ethyl."

On the following pages, you'll see what the cost of living was...learn about special events and highlights of each year...what was on TV and what was hot on the music charts. Also included is a list of famous people that were born in each year and unfortunetly, a few we lost.
The drive in

So if your tired of the fast paced 21st century, whether your a "baby boomer" or just born a bit too late like me, slick back your hair and tuck your Lucky Strikes into your shirt sleeve. Then hop (click) on the bus below because we're heading back to the good old days!.

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