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    Trip to NAPA
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    Trip to NAPA

    $1.85 at Rockauto.
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    Did you get one of these?

    Just keep donating
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    End of the Impala

    There's an Impala?
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    Harmonic balancer clearance

    Do your pullys line up? If so, lower the sway bar and install belts
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    KC MECUM auction

    Prices do seem to be coming down at these drunk fests
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    BBC into 62 Impala Advice needed.

    SHORT Long is only good when you're having sex
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    How To Shut Down Antifa

    Have you ever seen so many fat, ugly chicks assembled in one place before?
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    Brake Vac booster

    If you're looking for an actual 1964 booster I can't help. You'll need to find a used one and have it rebuilt. Booster Dewey may have some. I think he 's in Washington state?? Maybe Oregon, should be in Hemmings or just google him. They used a single 9" with a raised lever type bracket and...
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    Good intentions gone bad.

    I guess someone doesn't like new Dodge's:dunno
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    Anyone know a good engine guy for my 348, near Columbus, Ohio.

    Putting a 348 in a 62 is just wrong:facepalm Unless you stroke it:dance
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    Chicken Shit Canadians?

    I have to agree. The thread was dumb to begin with and I'm not really sure what the "chicken shit" comment was about, they have a lot of chickens or their resolve. I've never had an issue with Canadians, well just one thief that I know of. Frenchies can be a little high strung:dunno
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    Chicken Shit Canadians?

    I'd like to read that thread
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    Good intentions gone bad.

    Now you need to get the Hellcat.
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    1963 340 hp exhaust manifold vs 63 425 hp

    All big engines pick up a lot of horsepower with good exhaust. The "bigger" the combo. cu in, cam, heads, compression etc the bigger the gains. A 340 hp is relatively tame, I would guess maybe 10-15hp. 425 horse 454 rats pick up 100hp going from closed to open headers.