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    Phil, it’s ain’t looking good

    Too dangerous, they're already shooting each other at the bars in MO
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    Firewall factory marks

    Don is right. If you are doing a "exact" resto then fine otherwise don't bother. I've seen guys do stuff like that and then install a Chinese booster/master, makes no sense.
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    Gotta Love Those 59 GM Finned Cars

    That may be the only 59 Cad with a W in existance.
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    Interesting '62 409 for sale on Hemmings

    Other then that unbelievably ugly hood it's a very nice car. Even without the hood it's not worth any where near the asking price
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    Interesting '62 409 for sale on Hemmings

    He wants to be a Mopar when he grows up:dunno:barf1
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    68 Caddy No ac radio delete.

    You need a real Caddy:
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    Creepy porn lawyer

    IRS agents arrested him yesterday:appl:flag
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    High mileage 5.3 truck

    With 321k I doubt it's worth much of anything as a trade in. Might as well run it till the wheels fall off.
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    Should be toasty warm in he winter & cool in the summer

    35 years, last leg? I think it saw many last legs at 35yrs old.
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    Phil, it’s ain’t looking good

    We have a non believer
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    Brand X

    56 Sunliner, hard car to come buy-not cheap either.
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    How many 2 door biscaynes had 348s?

    Been my experience that the original mats are not salvageable, they usually fall apart in your hands when you try to remove/handle it.
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    Sending Unit. 5/16” or 3/8”, ‘‘tis the question...”

    I guess if you're replacing the entire line might as well go 3/8"
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    Decode this P case? Anybody?

    November 63, has to be for a 64 Chevy full size. No drop outs in Vets after 1962