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    Who did this?

    At Burning Man you would not fit in unless you dressed like Phil. Guys ware the dresses so the women have nothing to ware at Burning Man. LOL!
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    Ralley Wheels =Speedway

    It seems funny but remember I work at a classic car dealer and we have dozens of sets setting around like weeds. I'll stick to my plain Jane steelies so I can mount my dog dishes.
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    Intake manifold sequence chart

    First grab your impact gun/air wratchet....Throw them as far as you can away from the intake. Hand tighten only.
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    Vapor lock fix

    I haven't put on any insulation yet but I will be. I don't like how close my fuel line is to the Hooker Headers I'm running.
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    Ralley Wheels =Speedway

    That's what you get for buying ralleys. I'm just not a fan.
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    64 Bel Air and Impala rear seat differences?

    Go on and find a 2dr or 4dr someone is parting out. You could always talk to your upholstery guy though because they do have the ability to mod the frame to fit. Anyone with a cut off wheel and a welder can.
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    '63 Powerglide Stops working when Hot

    Get a 700R4. That's the solution to my Powerglide that works great. :D
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    Who did this?

    Every year the people at the Burning man try to out-do the next guy with some odd ball creation. I'm sure if your researched Burning man you would get the creator and the story behind it.
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    Edelbrock 5408 Intake

    Offy's and Weiands are dime a dozen, they made way more castings. We want the small port dual quad EDLEBROCKS!
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    Edelbrock 5408 Intake

    I called and told them I'd buy 3 if they could put their hands on them and send me a picture, they said they don't have it. :weep I know several guys that want them. Just not in production anymore.
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    Does anyone recognize this 64 Impala? 409 with a 5 speed. Used to have dual ladder bars under it.

    Axle can't twist a bit but it also keeps the drive shaft in place too because I have a poly carrier and no slip yoke under it. Ive taken it apart and looked it over. Looks like the ladder bar is working perfectly. Best part is most of the bar is below the rear axle so it keeps the center of...
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    Does anyone recognize this 64 Impala? 409 with a 5 speed. Used to have dual ladder bars under it.

    Ive seen several close ups. Mine is set up nearly identical.
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    Edelbrock 5408 Intake

    Just like the one I sold a buddy of mine for $450 last year. Good intake, I was impressed with the uniform volume inside the runners. Not as straight a shot as the Edelbrock though but still a great piece.
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    OMG sad day

    I would have cut half the car up for different pieces and panels. Top looked good, Upper quaters looked straight, Front and rear clips would have made some nice art furniture. Either way, she played her part.
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    Edelbrock 5408 Intake They don't have the intake. I was ready to buy everyone they had. They sell under the name TPM on Walmart. Worth a call though, never know.