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    How long have you owned your classic car???

    How long Well i am down to 2 old cars now.the 56 belair,4sp,302,paid 4500.00,had it for 7 yrs.probley will never sell.the 36 coupe paid 9000.00,had it for 5yrs.may street rod it later.will keep it to. thanks 36master :doh :rofl
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    Manual tire changer

    tire changer Hey Bob, you are not the only one been wanting one of thoes changers and the bubble blancer.have used both,they are great.will check the local harbor freight store. 36master :cheers
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    introduce yourself

    more pictures hey guys, tought i would chime in and say we had 50s today.started the 58,pulled out of garage,checked bolt pattern on a set of old et wheels and tires i picked up for 100.00 bucks.found a set of 16"wheels awhile back.look ok on car,but the old crager lookakike looks real good.oh...
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    How Many We Got

    another 58 hi you all, got a 58 impala with 348. Bobby:deal
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    348-409 members, stop by my new site and post your cars.

    sorry the second 58 sorry about thinking i was the first 58.had to click on index to find the other 58.:cheers
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    348-409 members, stop by my new site and post your cars.

    the first 58 on site hey mangus, a great site,had to add my 58 on site. thanks and keep up the good work. bobby:cheers
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    Took the car out for the last time till spring

    up for winter hey guys, i drove my 58 about 2 weeks ago,dont have any snow yet.have a few flurries.but its already in garage.still dont have my 56 back yet,had to get on him this weekend. bobby:cuss
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    New '58 Member

    welcome hey gens, welcome to this site,saw your posts on other sites.great looking 58. bobby:cool:
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    348 Emblem

    cross flags hey dq409, i had a guy ask me the same question about the cross flags,glad to know there wasnt any on 58.dq i would like to see full photo of your 58 .from what i can see its very nice. thanks bobby:deal
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    Salute to Veterans

    vet hey ss425, nam was a good experence for an old country boy.had some good times and some bad. bobby:cheers
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    Salute to Veterans

    viet-nam vet a salute to all vets.viet-nam,11th cav.1967-68,army. bobby:cuss
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    Pic of my latest

    sweet 58 hey seon, i am with the rest of the guys,leave it black.that is a nice ride.:( bobby:D
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    Today in the Northland!

    warm in tn. hey fellows, tought i would let you all know its been in low 80,s here for the last day or so.even got the 58 out and went crusing.good thing about tn. weather,if you dont like it,hang around a few days and it will change.:evil ps makes me cold looking at that picture. ha...
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    introduce yourself

    real power hey fellows, tought i would post photo of a real power house,got the old 6cly,3 speed in floor,its a 36 master delux coupe,banjo stering wheel and no power.keep the photos coming i like to look at all the toys. thanks bobby:D
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    Third brake light on '58 Impala

    hey seon, would like to see photos of your 58,and also findout what tire and wheel combo your running. bobby:cool: