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    What year, make and model is this Tach?

    If your running an MSD box for your ignition you may have to run a tach adapter seeing how it is an older tach.
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    Vapor lock fix

    Tenxal's advice is spot on.Its funny how when you get in the habit of doing something you don't even consider it anymore.
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    #3857656 409 questions

    I always thought a 470+ inch stroker with a set of maxed out 333's with an Ebrock single 4 setup dressed to look like a 340hp motor would be a killer sleeper.Intake painted orange to match the engine with painted valve covers and air cleaner,the whole stocker look.If you could get a 59-60 olds...
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    #3857656 409 questions

    I'm not dissing the 333's by any means they're going to be the heads on my engine,I'm just pointing out the small port vs large port compatibility,while things can be made to work its not a bolt on intake wise.Anyway the shortblock is the foundation with the availability of aftermarket heads and...
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    Vapor lock fix

    So did the car experience vapor lock before you re did the fuel lines?Also do you run ethanol free gasoline?While it may not be the cause it can contribute to it or make it worse.As rstreet pointed out ignition timing is important, it can greatly affect underhood temp which can cause vapor lock...
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    #3857656 409 questions

    So am I following this right,your saying this guy paid $5000 for a used 409 truck engine thinking it was a car 409?If he is gathering parts to build a car, while the price he paid for the engine is excessive the fact it is a truck motor really has no bearing on the authenticity of his project a...
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    Correct 409 block color?

    I don't know if the Fram HP filters had a better filter media but I do know they did have a thicker shell with a higher burst pressure,the same with Purolator HP's,you could feel the difference in weight compared to their equivalent standard filter.They also didn't have the beer can feel of the...
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    What year, make and model is this Tach?

    If thats a dixco I would say its an earlier one like early 60's later 60's dixco's followed suit with sun and used color on their face graphics, by the 70's their big daddy and maple leaf gary beck tachs were coming out.I would take the cup off and look at the back of the head there may be more...
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    348 heads on 409 engine

    Since the the 1.94/1.66 valves and the valve springs are the least capable parts in the 333 head assembly,there's really no good reason to stick with them unless they're going back into a big truck.Like Don said the 2.09/1.72 valves will support lots of power and the 2.19 valves aren't really...
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    Does anyone recognize this 64 Impala? 409 with a 5 speed. Used to have dual ladder bars under it.

    That should really help with preventing axle twist changing pinion angle if it is solid mounted to the axle housing,as far as the weight it is on the right end of the car.
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    348 heads on a 409 block

    The 333 heads with 2.06/1.72 valves installed will closely approximate the original correct heads for your 340hp engine,they will easily accept 2.19/1.72 valves and can be ported to support close to 500 hp.The 379's have already been a restriction for that 340hp motor.
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    58 Impala 348 p/s bracket holes

    Anybody know why the early bocks had the bosses if they weren't drilled and tapped?Were they already planning to eliminate the combination generator/PS pump?
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    348 Engine Patent

    It is interesting to note that both Ford and Mopars performance big blocks of that era went on to be prolific truck motors,the 390 and 413 were way more common in medium duty trucks and motorhomes than the W's ever were,but it makes sense that the marine and industrial divisions would use the...
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    348 Engine Patent

    The perception that the W was designed as a truck engine dates back to at least 1963 probably longer.The Chevrolet Performance Handbook by Ocee Rich published as part of the Hot Rod magazine technical library in that year,has an article titled "Engineering the W 348-409 powerplant" that...
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    Anybody seen the Sept 2019 Hot Rod article on the 1960 348 4 spd. Impala found in Idaho junkyard?

    I remember the Bad Seed 500 Cad in chevette crazy fast for what it was.