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    WTB Standard front spindles and steering arms for a 62

    Thank you sir; that hadn't occurred to me. I have edited the title.
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    Power steering SWUEL!

    I have billet aluminum waterpump and crank pulleys on mine and I have to really tension the alternator belt to keep it from squealing like a banshee. I imagine the PS pump is a lot harder to get enough tension on its belt.
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    WTB Standard front spindles and steering arms for a 62

    I think I want to ditch my dropped spindles. Will the stock ones accept an aftermarket disc brake?
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    Glass bowl gas filter

    Wix version from NAPA does not have those issues.
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    Old racing pictures

    Pretty sure that is a mid-1970's Plymouth Cricket or Dodge Colt or Mitsubishi Gallant. Truly the low point of Chrysler's existence.
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    Butt crack sand. Man, I hate that.
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    Looking for last two parts

    American Autowire sells under carpet wire protectors. Comes 8 foot long, universal type I guess.
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    Did you see this??

    There is a reason cabs were bright yellow, had writing all over it and were regulated.
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    Where's the 8-track?
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    Happy Birthday! Junkman 104

    You're the best, Junkman. Happy Birthday.
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    Damn Chocolate

    And didn't have a parent trying to make a buck off of a stupid video.
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    Damn Chocolate

    Parent needs to be arrested for child abuse.
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    Small block vs. 409, clutch Z bar.

    Gus, I pondered the same question in an earlier post and still don't have an answer. This could possibly be the biggest 409 mystery ever.
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    Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

    You killed it last night, Junkman.
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    We need the wall

    Oh no! Could this mean no avacado toast for awhile?