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    quicktime bellhousing.

    I believe that model is for a hydraulic throw out bearing.
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    Why the solid lifter recommended valve lash varies?

    Y block Fords had mushroom solid lifters from the factory. Having owned several in the past my opinion of them is quite low.
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    More Ponderings

    I've told you a million times...quit exaggerating.
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    Mt. Rushmore

    In some way, brother would be correct. The lender's loan was most likely secured by the full faith and backing of our government. More deep state bullshit that most assuredly benefited someone in Congress.
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    Yes, Sophia, they're the real McCoy!
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    Walking on the grass

    Whatever you do, don't be like Tiger and ask her for the 7 iron.
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    The way it goes

    So much for brown lives mattering.
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    I had no idea where to put this.

    The difference between lawyers and **** suckers? Law school.
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    Jimmy Kimmel

    I worry about Tarzan movies.
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    Riots Tonight

    Gav, I appreciate your words and concern. It amazes me that you "get it", while many who are born here in the US don't have a clue. We are far from perfect, but we do always manage to right the ship.
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    Wally World adventures

    Thay just want to shape young minds, not scare them.
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    I have to say that C1 is a beauty, but what was the PO thinking with those truck wheels?
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    Bye Aunt Jemima

    But what about us fat white guys? I'm going to petition Michelin and Pillsbury to get rid of those offensive ads featuring Bibendem and Poppin' Fresh. I have feelings, too you know?
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    Crazy other critters thread.

    I hear they taste like chicken.