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    Getting a little tired of Show Cars!

    The crew of the Challenger would have probably disagreed with your last statement.
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    Juicy Smellit....Chicago

    If da hat don't fit, you must acquit!
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    School me, please: Z-bars

    Thanks, Phil, but why would a 409 fork need more travel than a 283 or 327? Maybe I'm just dense.
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    A/S in 1964

    Pic 3 look like Astro Supremes. I think U S Wheel still offers them.
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    School me, please: Z-bars

    Thanks all. I know they're different; I just don't know why they're different.
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    Something about that Chevy II looks funny.
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    Wonder if he would throw in the furry Fedora and platform shoes to seal the deal?
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    School me, please: Z-bars

    Thanks for your reply, Paul. I am too old, fat and crippled to be rooting around under the car, especially since it functions just fine for now. If something goes haywire I will address it then. My car was originally a V8, 3 speed manual. I would think whoever did the conversion used the...
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    School me, please: Z-bars

    62 Impals w/348 and 4 speed Muncie I suspect I have a small block Z-bar as my clutch pedal adjustment rod is adjusted to its extreme. From what I can gather there is only one clutch rod used, bur why would the 348/409 Z-bar be different from a small block?
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    Didn't we have.....

    You had me at BJs.
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    '59 el camino gets a new lease on life...

    Props on the master cylinder!
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    62 accelerator pedal question

    Already did that, Don. Thanks.
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    "I thought you should know"

    Is anyone surprised?
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    62 accelerator pedal question

    Yes Phil, I have suffered from that all my life. Cecil, my 62 has the long studs. Unless someone can offer up a sure fire solution, I am going to call Dynacorn and ask about their pedal. I have had good luck with their stuff, but they want $ 45.00 for the thing! Must be a he-man part.