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    Black Trash front sheet metal photos.

    Wow! That should buff out.....
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    6 banger???

    A little more info
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    North Carolina roads are smooth

    North Carolina is supposedly " the good roads state". I have lived there on and off for thirty-plus years and have dodged plenty of tar heel potholes.
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    Blue smoke

    He said it was vapor cleaned.
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    fireBall 500

    Frankie Avalon....what an actor! And Richard Petty must have sold his soul to let them have his Plymouth.
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    To all my Republican Friends

    3 hots and a cot went a long way in supplementing that base pay.
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    61 Impala SS 409 at Mecum Chicago

    Is it just me or does that driver's side door look a little wonky down low?
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    Pocahontas Predictions

    I think our President would send her back to her teepee if she gets the nomination.
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    Strike Today For Climate Change

    Her mommy and daddy are big-time Antifa activists. Go figure.
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    That's some monster side glass. I love it.
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    Carmine...are you looking?
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    TV Tommy with a boatload of Buick nailheads!
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    My personal nightmare

    Judging by the bonnet pad rash, I'd say we have an air cleaner clearance problem.
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    Harbor Freight changing...

    I just tried to buy a 7.5 kg generator from HF, but have up after 3 trips. Had the gen and battery but no wheel kit on trip 1. Trip 2, had gen and wheel kit, but no battery. Trip 3 they had wheel kit and battery but no gen. They get 1 weekly shipment. You cannot pay in advance and pick up the...