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    348 for 59 Nomad wagon

    A proper yank bodge job, no doubt.
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    Harbor Freight Throatless Shear
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    Nice Hot Rod

    We used to call those...sweater puppets.
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    That suicide watch thingy no worky.
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    1962 A/C

    Conti-tech (Continental) purchased the Goodyear belt and hose division about 4 years ago from Veyance Technologies which was an employee buy out from Goodyear over 10 years ago.
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    Squirrel from HELL!

    Any of you shooters tried .22 CB's ( low power conical bullets) or .22 rat shot?
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    The Meth Found in Her Vagina Was Not Hers

    It must have been crack cocaine, not meth.
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    Nice fender cover.
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    Down Time

    Hurry back; I miss your punctuation!
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    Beach Boys with 348 hot rod

    The Silver Sapphire built by the Alexander Brothers originally and modified later by Barris Customs. Rocket Olds powered.
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    Car haulers

    I lived in Avon and worked in Cleveland for 3 years in the mid-90's. Summers were great, but winters were endless. I remember it snowed on Mothers Day one year. Put-in-bay was pretty cool.
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    My personal nightmare

    MG overload.
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    I agree. Almost a crime in my opinion to fart around with Impala side trim of any year.
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    What, no graphics?
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