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    Another Kingswood wagon

    I just love that color...
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    Home Wrecker New Best

    :winnernice times, 0-60 times are good as well...
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    Aluminum Rear Bumper Project

    jim, you do great work, very impressive product made by skilled hands...
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    605 Hotchkis sway bar (front)***SOLD***

    thank you Keith...:D
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    62 Bubble Project

    that's why the Lord gave us 2, 1 to keep and a spare...:D
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    Another Kingswood wagon

    the guy's gotta be taking those kiddie hormones epstein and company were taking...nobody works that fast...great job, I've got a 61 bubbletop that could use your energy...;)
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    Nice car accessories

    do you really need an answer to that question...;)
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    605 Hotchkis sway bar (front)***SOLD***

    what do you figure the shipping would be to central florida...
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    ISO Interior shop Recc, Texas (or border state)

    I blew both head gaskets in my metanol injected turbo T type regal, made an appointment with the shop that built it for june 1st...he still has the car and it's not done...WTF does making an appointment do if it's ignored...the guy is the leading buick guy and he originally built the car...if...
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    Happy Birthday! pvs409

    happy birthday paul, thanks for all the help you've're one of the good guys...
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    my L89 camaro

    I was surfing the web, couldn't sleep...I found my car in chevy hard core...what a suprise...he was over here years ago and finally printed it...
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    61 progress

    nice car, what's under the hood...
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    she'll do for the night...:brow
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    The Policeman

    I try and not think about the fate of this country we love so much...the enemy within is our biggest foe...
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    What year, make and model is this Tach?

    are you saying you spin your W motor at 9200 rpm...:eek1