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    The Grinch T and me

    Great project welcome aboard, no such thing as a stupid question.
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    3 spd on the column and a 409

    search "region rat" Bob's avatar name
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    Riots Tonight

    Those water cannons should also have dye, say mauve colour, that lasts 3 months before it washes off, then these dicks will really stand out, they won't be able to hide. They can then get the shit beat out of them when there not in a crowd.
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    Richmond 5 speed in a 60 Impala

    I think Dan "Tripower", did a Richmond in a 61, and possibly a 60 Pontiac, but search Dan's threads to see his builds, but isn't the 60 a different floor pan.
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    348 Tri-Power Build gone wrong!!!!

    Also remember to advise the new guy that the rear cam bearing is a critical install.
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    348 Tri-Power Build gone wrong!!!!

    EEEKKK That's why I do my own assembly, at least if it fails you can only blame yourself. good luck with your restitution.
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    “ Help”on rebuilt 409 engine blowing water out overflow on radiator

    If there is an air lock within the engine cooling circuit, that area becomes super heated and will force water out in a dramatic fashion.
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    Pinion angle

    On launch and under hard acceleration the pinion lifts up. On the street, I typically set the engine at 3 degrees up at the front and have the pinion 3 degrees up at the front, this is with a single piece tailshaft. In general you can be around this and for longevity matching the angles is the...
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    Trump Offends

    That video of Mrs Trump is very nicely done. In 4 years, here in OZ, the total amount of time spent on her in the media has totalled less than 10 minutes. every other Presidents wife has as much if not more publicity than the President, women's mags etc etc, clearly the entire mainstream media...
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    Original tri-power air cleaner with electronic distributor.

    I have Crane modules in a stock distributor.
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    wheel size after shortening diff??????????????

    Say a 10" rim with a 3" back space and a 7" dish, you will need to also allow for the bulge in the side wall of the tyre. without measuring and double checking, getting the right rim and tyre could get expensive. A bit of mucking around, but you could get an old steel rim the width you want...
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    1961 Brookwood Patina Project

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    wheel size after shortening diff??????????????

    A 12" wide tyre is about max for a stock frame and fender. Your scenario is all about offsets, you need to measure it.
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    Can an Impala be saved after Hydraulics?

    As a Hot Rodder at heart, I tend to admire all good modifications, channeling, roof chops etc etc. I always take the stance that it's their car. they can do what they like. Notwithstanding this, I really like stock bodied cars that have in particular the right proportions and stance. In...