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    to get jabbed or not get jabbed. That is the question

    Smart woman. wasn't it Gates who said comments about de-population, unknown fertility issues with these vaccines, no one has brought that up, wow!
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    to get jabbed or not get jabbed. That is the question
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    with the quality of printers these days you could save the images and print your own poster.
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    Vintage ISKY rev kit plate

    Any idea of what the springs look like and what sort of tension. When I bought my FH code 348 11 or 12 years ago it came all machined, but also with it came an Isky cam (RR 360), roller lifters and a pair of these plates. I can't remember any springs coming with the plate. Now a dumb question...
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    Vintage ISKY rev kit plate

    I have a pair of those, any idea how they mount ??
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    After Harris/Biden inauguration

    He won't last the year out, he will fall off his perch with cancer or similar fatal disease.
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    Cam choice stock 348 with tri power

    Neil. when I built the 348 in my 61, I used an ISKY 262 Hydraulic"Supercam" my cam card varies a little bit from the image off Isky site, my lift says 488 at 0 with 1.7:1 rockers, and a lobe centre of 112 degrees, the engine has a smooth idle with a little cam, I am at 9.5:1 comp with a 700R...
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    348 into a 57 nomad

    You could also do what the Mopar engineers did, move the engine over to the right a bit.
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    Pfizer Covid Shot seems all were over 80 and in nursing homes
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    55 Degrees Warmer Today

    Blame it on global warming,,,, congratulations to you both :drunk
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    Hey Cecil, that's great My lad spent over 6 years at Tesla, knows a shit load about all this stuff, he is now in Northern Idaho doing some freelance stuff as well as working for a boat company doing electric drive and autonomous stuff. yell out if your lad needs his contact.
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    Stop the Steal Protest

    You better raise that flag to half mast. the USA is now lost to the globalists,
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    1963 mystery Motor, Junior Johnson

    Robert, when was the first SOHC engine used, for some reason I always thought it was in 63'. this would be great if it was clarified. cheers
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    1958 Impala Floors

    I don't know how much work is involved, but in 61 part of the big advertising was the fact you got more interior space due to the extra foot well space.
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    Pontiac parts???

    Under floor dual master cylinders have been used for decades, most Hot rods have this arrangement, if a booster is too large in diameter, you can always mount an in line booster that assists in in creasing pressure to the discs, if you have disc rear as well, two in line boosters will also work.