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    Ronnie Russell.

    I and approximately fifty of my old airline retired mechanic coworkers get together for our monthly breakfast at a local lodge. We all have excepted the fact that there will be a few more empty chairs every month! The standing joke is that we are all at the age where we playing the back nine...
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    Ronnie Russell.

    Can't be too late to be thinkin' of a TEXAS STEAK or BASS FRY or any FISH FRY!!!! I realize it's getting late in Ronnies' journey, but was wondering if some kind of local neighborhood catered event could be arranged on short notice??? Just need to gauge interest.
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    Car radio search for a 1958 Impala

    This is a link to their website
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    1962 409 police cars

    In the 1962 big cars, 327 engines got the aluminum glides for the first time. In '63, all engine combos got aluminum PG
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    1959 348 freshen up & suspension & brake upgrades winter projects

    I rebuilt my Impala suspension years ago because of the same sloppy handling. The rubber bushings in all of the suspension parts were really rotted out and sloppy. I replaced all the rubber bushing parts with original parts, added an Adco 1" front sway bar, all new springs and shocks, and went...
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    Compression test

    You know what they say Carmine, "drive it like you stole it" :burnout
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    Compression test

    You will get a more accurate reading if you prop the carb open. Air needs to get into the cylinders to compress.
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    Help locating 409/425 Flywheel part number and source

    I had the same shuddering and hard to push in clutch pedal when hot! I forgot to put grease on the transmission splines and on the I D of the throwout bearing when I assembled the car. The clutch pedal was always extremely hard to push in after driving the car awhile. the parts were metal on...
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    2004 avalanche 5.3 long block

    Why not grab a used engine from a salvage dealer? Their warehouses are full of engines removed from accident carcasses and they can't sell because of low demand. My buddy bought a complete all aluminum 60,000 mile 5.3 for $1500 recently. I have also seen these engines on craigslist in the $500...
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    High capasity oil filter problem

    Randy, looks like you have the "no bypass" adapter that is used with Ford filters. The bypass is located within the Ford filter. The original spring loaded Chevy bypass valve is in the adapter housing above the oil filter. I would be using the original GM type of adapter (I buy they from NAPA)...
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    Bronze of Composite Distributor Gear

    My shaft size for the 348/409 dist gear was .490, pretty sure only the newer dist used the .500 shaft.
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    Bronze of Composite Distributor Gear

    There is also a wear issue when running the stock steel dist gear on the modern steel roller cam blanks. Apparently they will destroy each other. When ordering a new cam, you can order an optional cast iron gear pressed on for about $100 extra. That way you can use the stock dist gear forever...
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    Bronze of Composite Distributor Gear

    Lunati Cams has the new style gear that is similar to the GM roller cam gears. Available from Summit. Should last a long time. I installed one several years ago when Lunati sold me a new roller cam.
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    Transfer 61 bubble roof onto 62 impala cpe

    Going sideways in a cloud of smoke always looks good Jim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    intake question

    Yes, here is the link.