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    Was just talking about this with my wife. We watched my best friend get run through the wringer with his daughter. She's graduating next month with a nutrition-something-or-other degree and $100k in loans. Took 6 years. She went to Vegas twice a year, music festivals all over the country and...
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    Exhaust opinion 64 Impala SS

    I've had mine dumped in front of the rear wheels for a while now. Maybe it's my crappy tuning ability but my wife can tell that I've been driving my 61 by smelling my clothes. lol I think the super 10's out the back would be best. I'm going to install taller springs and get the exhaust run out...
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    Who says you can't be consistent with a stick car?

    Very impressive! Badass car for sure. You gained .05 in your 60 and still ran an .89 on that last run! I bet its a blast to drive.
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    Cap Girdles

    I really wish I would have known about these way back when I was assembling my car. It would have saved my P-case and a chunk of cash. Such cheap insurance.
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    How to,properly adjust linkage on 2 4 barrels

    Not much to add other than I bought the progressive Edelbrock linkage and have it adjusted it to work direct. I just didn't like the response or drivability of the progressive setup. Decent built 409 with a 4 speed. I'd listen to Don.
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    Hard to find 61-62 Bubble Top Parts

    I had a hard time finding inner fenders and a solid core support. I bet those are rotted already. Split front bench was not easy to find either. Front/rear splash pans and headlight buckets. I have a ton of trim and gauges, none perfect but they seem plentiful. 4-speed console would be cool I...
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    Aftermarket A-C/Heater

    I'm curious about these units as well. Anybody install one on a factory air car? Even after the sun goes down it's 90+ degrees. Never thought i'd consider it but I miss driving the ol girl.
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    Happy Birthday! AUSTIN BUBBLETOP

    Thanks fellas! Just rolled in from a long week in west Texas. Spent my birthday in beautiful Pecos, TX. :grumble Grateful to have work in these crazy times though... Yea Phil, my poor 61 just sits there now. Been at least 3 months since it's been out. Come on down!
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    Support group for horders?

    Speaking of hoarding, what are you guys doing with leftover trim? Leftover gauges? Once my car was completed I couldn't bring myself to trash anything I didn't use. Some of you guys have done multiple cars, you must be real good at throwing stuff away or have plenty of room.
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    Wanted 1961 62 Bel Air steering column

    There was a 4 speed column posted within the last 2 weeks for $250. I just cant remember where. May have been a facebook group. I'll have to look again. I'm sure it sold quickly...
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    Gas Prices

    I'm in the drilling industry on the service side. It's a field that I absolutely love. Being on a rig reminds me of being at the races with the generators running and cool stuff to work on. That said, it's about over. Once the prices started to fall my customers immediately began returning all...
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    Dynamat / Fatmat / Sound Deadening & Heat Reduction

    I did a dynamat knockoff topped with the foil looking bubble wrap stuff. I'm sure the difference would be noticeable if I didn't have the exhaust dumped out the side. As far as heat goes, I would have to believe its much better. Unfortunately I have about 20 years between the before and after...
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    1961 Bubbletop Interior Dome lights location

    I don't recall any holes other than the screw holes for the light fixture.
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    1961 Bubbletop Interior Dome lights location

    There should be holes right about where your head is when sitting in the drivers seat. Nothing on the posts that I know of.