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    Any Holmes 440 Wrecker Owners Out There?

    When did Holmes stop making wreckers? :scratch
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    Tri-State Raceway July 13 & 14

    I'll make it a 16 car field Dave. Add the '62 Belair sedan 409 to the list. Joel Czopek
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    31 Years

    Being together w/ your better half for over three decades is similar to being a 'W' block knuckle head....Not many can say that! :winner Congratulations James
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    Intake swap

    Isn't that always the way......Ya save all these parts for years, ya finally get a chance to use something, and we're still going aftermarket???? :bang
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    Does that mean your were running in circles???? :roll
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    Intake swap

    I should have mentioned we're working on a '63 SS w a stock 409 / 340 hp intake and 4GC Rochester carb. Living at 8000 ft. elevation and driving down to 5000 ft. elevation is getting to be a real pain keeping it running consistent, and I'm starting to think changing to an EFI will be the only...
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    Intake swap

    I couldn't find any old topics for installing a large port intake on the small port heads. I have a large port intake that has the 4- center bolt ear mounts cut cleanly so it fits under the small port valve cover. It appears the issue is the gasket? I'm sure this has been done many times...
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    Upcoming Mecum Auction

    I'm in...what's the address? :dance:flag:happy
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    AZ Auction notes

    Ok then....I'm on it....Chrome dual snorkel 409 air cleaner hat! :weld
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    AZ Auction notes

    Thanks Cecil...yes I was hoping to bump into you or some o9er influential and start putting some faces to the conversations.
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    AZ Auction notes

    I'm stuck inside today cause it's friggin' freezin' and blowing like crazy up here in the Rockies today so I thought I'd share some January auction 409 sales stuff. I came home on Tuesday with an empty trailer after rolling the '63 Belair though the Russo and Steele auction last week in...
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    1961 Impala @ B.J.

    It's of my opinion (and experience), that the auction houses go by the descriptions of the vehicle that the owner states on the consignment form, and leaves it at that. They do not want any responsibility or liability for anything what-so-ever, and state that in their consignments really fine...
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    :yup.....should sell quickly. Lot's of cheap fun. We could hardly build an engine for that....:facepalm
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    UPDATE-2019 West Coast 348-409 Reunion **CANCELLED**

    :doh.....I've been wanting to do a west coast race for years.....what are the odds of two 348-409 events on the same weekend :furious
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    Rock n Race 2019 348/409 class

    Looks like we need another car for a 16 field I'm in! :write It looks like it's the same weekend of the west coast 348-409 race....:tantrum