It's Dad's fault. He lit the fire when I was small.
Golden, Colorado
Line apprentice


Kevin from CO
Obsessed with Chevrolet’s golden era ‘55-‘72, and the golden era of drag racing 1950-1975ish. Blue collar patriot, to the bone.

'61 Biscayne 409/340,TKO600, narrowed '63 Pontiac 4.88/Trophy Track
'63 Biscayne 409/400,PG, narrowed '60 Olds 4.88/spool
plus an insane quantity of other 55-64 Chevy junk...

we are obsessed with the constitution and freedom.
Why didn't Chevrolet, put that (57-64 Olds/Pontiac) rear, under their cars?:doh
Who is that in the center.....Studley Hungwell????????????
Had a Dana 60 in it for years. Broke a set of Pro Gears, Twisted off a Strange axle, eventually broke the Dana housing. Everything breaks eventually if you try hard enough!
I was thinking of using balsa wood to save weight.
His real name is Jack Wagon!!!!!!!!!
We ain't fallin for that sh#t
Ever hear Ishiftem tell stories about how tough it was working in Chicago?He used to be tail gunner on a Sam Adams truck.
most people don't even understand why our founding fathers put it in there and they thought enough about it to make it #2!!!
No one can see inside the block or under the valve covers. Sooooooooo.
Heck, I can barely afford to pay attention.
Bet she likes that better than the spin cycle on the washing machine .....
I gotta quit spending OPM, sorry.
5' 8" Redhead, large breasts, limited vocabulary-only says yes(certificate of authenticity-no trans) Blond or brunette may do in a pinch
I got down to the rifle sights and I think he spotted the rifle. He sure could back that truck up fast.
I saved my pennies and I saved my dimes......
You could just donate the funds to the Underprivileged Impala Fund.
C/O Jeff Olson Watertown, SD
There ought to be a law that you can't call a hood a bonnet. This is the USA.
Well I went by an officer yesterday in my 62 just short of 120. I never saw him again. I will buy a Lottery ticket today.
If I had a Z11 I would pistol whip it every weekend I could like Dave's "Crusher".
I need to know the square root of a triangle with a hypotenuse of 3.921. Need to figure out the rocker length that is three times the radius of a 3 centimeter ball bearing on the long axis. Help Please:bore3
Just have to avoid those blokes with the disco lights on their car roofs or you lose your car for 28 days for "sustained loss of traction"
Most people just winterize their car. You take yours apart and bring it in the house?




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