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    obamagate declassified

    Got a pit in my stomach right now too. Because all of that^^ is true.
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    If it's going to happen, it will be soon.

    You got me on that one. Never give up hope, always have faith, but the clock ran out and it looks like the deep state is forever now. I'm out of politics. Just one gut punch after another. Prayed last night for the hail mary and.....nothing. Again. Just gonna get back in line and put my head...
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    If it's going to happen, it will be soon.

    You're in for a treat:good That's why he and Melania gave those 'farewell' speeches. Because they aren't going anywhere. No need to be a nervous wreck, I'd be right there with ya, but I know God isn't gonna put up with this s--t anymore. Trump beat the liberal media machine, he beat all the...
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    If it's going to happen, it will be soon.

    I hear ya. I understand the nerves for sure. A sting only works if you run the clock out to the. last. second. Trump is expert at that s--t.
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    Judge Jeanine

    We're on the same page Bob. The storm is real. No known timeline and complete media ignorance. I love it.
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    If it's going to happen, it will be soon.

    No miracles needed, just enforcement of the constitution. Trump ain't going anywhere. God's gonna drop the hammer on these people. Watch.
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    New home for Evans 65

    That first photo says it all:good:good:good
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    Piston Cooling Jets

    How did you determine hole diameter? Will there be any significant pressure drop with no changes to the pump?
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    Stop the Steal Protest

    Trump ain't going anywhere, 'cept back to the white house after all these swamp rats get arrested and indicted. Watch. MAGA.
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    What is it on my oil pan???

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    348 into a 57 nomad

    I believe so. I have the same question. I have the engine out of my 55 right now for a BBC swap I will try to drop a mockup 348 block and heads in the engine bay this week and post some pics.
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    1965 Biscayne. 3rd times charm?

    ‘65 was an amazing year for GM. All makes all models. Absolutely love 65 full-size Chevys. There’s a 65 Biscayne and a 65 Bel Air for sale here locally right now, both 2-doors, both bone original project cars. I’m droolin’ over em but I’m already drowning in junk. HATE that I can’t save em...
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    61 biscayne build

    Nice car very clean work:good:good:good I like the 12 bolt install
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    1962 1963 nostalgia racers for sale

    That 62 is a smokin’ deal. Couldn’t build that car for twice what they’re asking. Stick setup by itself is 10 grand+