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    Grafting Two X Frames Together

    The collision shop i used to work for back in my younger days would cut them half in the middle and stick weld them back together
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    Rear air shocks for a '62 Impala?

    Global West Suspension 1103 - Global West Suspension Coil Spring Spacers Compare Spring Spacer, Front, Aluminum, .500 in. Thickness, GM, Passenger Car, Each (14) Part...
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    Just Retired So I'm Finally Getting Back to Work on My 60 Nomad

    Looking good!!! how hard was it to put the fenders back on with the front end together like in the photo ??
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    59-63 clutch forks

    Already have that one but thanks, need other style
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    59-63 clutch forks

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    59-63 clutch forks

    This kind
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    59-63 clutch forks

    In need of some clutch forks 59-63 3-4-speed what do you have laying around 585/233-3424 Thanks,
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    Rock N Race 2020 Lets make it even bigger and better than last year

    Also wan’t to say thanks for a great time & food!!! Was good too see everyone again ! Old faithful ran her ass off knock on wood she doesn’t let me down
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    Anybody seen the Sept 2019 Hot Rod article on the 1960 348 4 spd. Impala found in Idaho junkyard?

    Brings back memories of the one I did! 985 point at late great Chevy in NJ I think the last one