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    Glass packs

    For the life of me I didn’t think the glass pack way back then was too loud. Must have been an age thing. Hey what did you say is my favorite line now. I wonder why?
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    Glass packs

    Thanks for all of your input.
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    Glass packs

    Trying to be back in the day. High school time. My first car was a 250hp 59 Chevy Impala. The car had dual exhaust with glass packs. Great sound back then. I was thinking about a set for the 56. My son said Dad the ones they make now are really loud. I admit I haven’t heard them in a long time...
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    I just acquired the better part of a 348

    Sorry about the picture I couldn’t figure out how to rotate it.
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    I just acquired the better part of a 348

    I admit I made some mistakes in my build. I found the site a little late in my build process. A lot of useful knowledge here. I built a solid short block stock stroke 348. Eagle rods, Ross pistons balanced the assembly. Quality bearings, timing chain and gears oil pump etc, all nice parts. Cam...
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    Picked up as a parts car, but now thinking rat rod!

    Need to save them. Even the ones with four doors look nice. The room for grandkids and friends make them worth the effort. Throw in a set of glass packs and your back in the good old days.
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    CFM rating of 340 hp carb

    Does anyone know the c f m of the a f b 3012s used on the 348.
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    Roller tip rockers

    Thanks everyone for you input on the roller tip rocker. With no noticeable hp increase I think I’ll go with my good Chevy rocker.
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    Roller tip rockers

    Hey folks, I have interest to replace my 348 stock rockers with show cars roller tip rocker. Cam is a mild cam with .481 lift on both exhaust and intake with 285lbs open pressure. Heads already have screw in studs. Push rods are a crane set but didn’t realize the intakes are .028 and exhaust...
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    I didn't think about the vacuum leak. Thanks.
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    Looks to me this part if it failed would cause some kind of a mess in an engine. Can you get by with out one in the carb ? Would a phenolic spacer help reduce the heat soak? Thoughts on this would be appreciated.
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    Water Pump difference

    Sounds good, who's water pump did you use?
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    Truck 409 acquisition

    Awesome cars and a dang good place to work the magic on the 409 !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Here we go

    How did the mains look?