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    I didn't think about the vacuum leak. Thanks.
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    Looks to me this part if it failed would cause some kind of a mess in an engine. Can you get by with out one in the carb ? Would a phenolic spacer help reduce the heat soak? Thoughts on this would be appreciated.
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    Water Pump difference

    Sounds good, who's water pump did you use?
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    Truck 409 acquisition

    Awesome cars and a dang good place to work the magic on the 409 !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Here we go

    How did the mains look?
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    cam and lifters

    Don I would like to have it but you know. My cam is installed , chain and cover on and the intake and valves adjusted. I'm really sorry . You've been a lot of help to me and others. What is the lift so others will know?
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    Burial at Sea (1945)

    The sacrifice of the greatest generation to keep us free is truly amazing. Thank you for posting the video for us all to see.
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    New to W's

    Welcome, check here often. Good folks that support the 348/409 are found here.:love1
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    '61 3x2 Manifold on Edelbrock Head

    Did you try a 340hp small port 409 intake?
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    better oem intake ?

    Engine is assembled , not installed, the changes I could make now would be intake and carb. I'm leaning toward just the carb as I think I could tune it easier with the kit. I'm thinking the big 409 4gc if it needed to be tuned for the smaller displacement might be a challenge. I could wait and...
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    better oem intake ?

    My block is an L30 57 3751872 250 hp power glide block , it doesn't have the added casting material to seal the gasket. So would the move to the avs2 make since or the big 4gc that I have? Goal was for a good sounding engine with maybe 300 hp. Dual exhaust with glass pack , auto trans , no...
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    better oem intake ?

    Ok, would it be feasible to do the avs carb on the 340 hp cast 409 manifold. Will it fit? 2.5 exhaust manifolds for exhaust. I'm stuck with the heads and cam:doh
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    better oem intake ?

    Ouch more money. My block doesn't have the extra casting for the water port to the spark plug cooling port on head. Can you plug the water port on the 817- 833 heads so they don't leak? Looks like I'm limited as well with the cam. I think my feet is cemented with what I have. I don't know if the...
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    better oem intake ?

    The ultra rare 776 intake is on eBay now for $825 . It's been a while since I've seen the 540 for sale. Folks are proud of them both for sure. I'm just being hard headed. I know I should get the avs2 and the eddy intake. I've got a solid built 348 short block stock stroke with ross pistons ...