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    Lizzy has gotten out of shape driving her car on the outlaw shows and saved it. Almost all the other drivers just lose it and crash.
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    63 wagon glass.

    Thanks 4spd409. He sent me the rear door and quarter glass I needed.
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    Rear air shocks for a '62 Impala?

    In the broke kids days front coil springs were cut down and put in back.
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    Rear air shocks for a '62 Impala?

    Air bags would be better. Footballs have worked too.
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    3 spd on the column and a 409

    You could use a later saginaw 3 speed and keep the column shift. A lot of truck engines get built and put in cars. Car blocks are a lot harder to come by and there are only minor differences in the machining of them.
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    Offenhauser 4x2 Intake

    I've done a little reading on 6x2 log manifolds. I have one for a 430 MEL Lincoln engine. I thought they would really hurt power compared to current tech. I couldn't find it now but there was an early hemi build that compared a 6x2 to a hot heads intake. The 6x2 was only down about 15 H.P..
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    63 wagon glass.

    The car was at a vacant farm. Good car, came from the west side of Jackson Hole WY. I'll have to tarp it until I can move some stuff around and get it inside but then I'll have no work space. I have two four door parts cars with good front glass, both tinted. Brother may have some clear front...
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    63 wagon glass.

    The three S's, shoot,shovel, shutup.
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    63 wagon glass.

    The flat glass won't be tempered.
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    63 wagon glass.

    Any good source for 63 wagon glass? Someone broke out all but the tailgate glass on mine last night.
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    Dual Plane manifold for 409 made from AMC engine

    It looks like a 881 intake with the top milled off. I think some of the rear wall of the original penlum is there and some of the original intake under the ports. Exhaust crossover looks like the 409 intake too. R4B intakes are still highly thought of in AMC circles. I only have 3.
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    Dual Plane manifold for 409 made from AMC engine

    That would have been an Edelbrock R4B. When discussing tunnel rams I've see 383 mopar intakes modified for AMC and modified to work on 409s so I thought the three engines must be close on port spacing. Nice looking intake in the pictures.
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    Carb question

    The 16- numbers are a rebuilder ID number.
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    Never Seen One of These Before

    Neighbor had one. Broke it and put a straight axle under it.
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    3362s AFB

    I've seen 3361/3804s on small block, Pontiac, Ford FE intakes. Wasn't as much aftermarket back when so you went to the Chevy dealer and bought some 409 carbs for your hot rod. I have the set of 3361/3362 on my 62 and 4 sets of 3361/3804 around. Two of them have 1965 dates.