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    Harmonic Balancer timing mark

    Yes,especially if you plan to rev it up often.When checking for slippage remember that they'll almost always slip to the retard side.
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    First car show of 2020

    :applVery nice!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only thing that I don't like about is that it ain't mine!
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    348 Tri-Power Build gone wrong / New Rebuild Under Way

    I'd paint those spacers engine color if it were mine but I can see polishing them as well.It's your truck so do it the way that suits you best.
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    348 Tri-Power Build gone wrong / New Rebuild Under Way

    Only if absolutely necessary would I use them,more places to leak.That picture looks really good.FWIW I never liked the rubber valve cover gaskets.The Edelbrock ones seem to be the best design for holding up long term.The good thing is that you have them on hand if they happen to be needed.To...
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    That's one very rare car .That 406 needs a complete freshening up judging from the exhaust smoke and the excessive valve train noise.Correctly adjusted those Fords were not anywhere near that noisy.
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    As if i dont have enough stuff to do

    About the same here RUSS.
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    New Guy

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    sheet metal

    All that I've found lately are plastic!
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    Yes it would,just ask Pat about the ones that Phil "found".
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    It is a good idea Mike.
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    348 Tri-Power Build gone wrong / New Rebuild Under Way

    At this point,measure for needed length,call Comp Cams and order 5/16 push rods 080 thick.It'll be faster than Show Cars because they'll just have to order them from their supplier,most likely Comp.This foul up is exactly why you don't order push rods at the same time as the rest of the valve...
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    Tom,Where does the 230-240 temp show up?>Idle and lows peed[under 35 mph] or at road speeds?Does it get hotter or cooler as speed increases?Low speed would be fan/shroud,high speed leans toward insufficent coolant flow.
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    :yupIsky has a cam lube paste that I've always liked.
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    Old wives tale Junky.There's nothing wrong[just illegal] with AV gas in that engine.I can think of benefits to using it.
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    What is this?

    Useless weight for the drag strip.