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    Guide plates

    Even the best part manufacter will have a bad item slip thru every once in a while which is why it's needed to check each part carefully.
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    cam lift

    No it didn't John.The 63 and very early 425 hp engines had a cam change and better exhaust manifolds than the 409-409 did.The change to the 583's allowed for the larger Z-11 cam to be used.
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    Getting ready to start my motor, primer needed.

    Once the engaged with the shaft it'll likely run straighter and won't bind as long as what you're feeling now isn't severe.
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    Getting ready to start my motor, primer needed.

    The collar may be rubbing the main cap in a spot or two.
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    Getting ready to start my motor, primer needed.

    WRONG for a W engine,Tim.You must have a way for the oil passages to line up internally to be able to prime the whole oiling system. As James said,your way will not allow the oil to get up top of the engine,hence an old W dist.or an adapter made specificly for the W engine.
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    Roller cam cores

    Just trying to help wherever I might be able to.I'll gladly accept parts though.:flag
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    cam lift

    L-33 is a 340 horse I believe Skip.
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    Roller cam cores

    Many of David Vizard's small block cam recommendations are straight pattern but that's also using one of his head packages.He also uses a very tight lobe seperation pattern such as 108 for the 3.48 stroke,and reducing it further as the stroke increases like 106 for the 3.75 and 104 for the 4...
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    Tri Power Idle Circuit Changes For Bigger Cam?

    :applMuch better vacuum at an idle,congrats.
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    cam lift

    Yes John it.did.The use of that cam is why the 583's came to be.
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    Restarting my 348 project!!

    Thanks for teaching me what I may have to go thru with mine if I go throttle body efi.If I want computer controlled timing[I do] a sleeve such as this will be my only option.
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    Only in Texas

    :crazy That'll show those nosy .liberal damned yankees!!:mock
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    Just felt like sharing some pictures

    Thanks for sharing.Don't mind Phil,he's just in envy.
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    Roller cam cores

    There are instances where a single pattern is best but it depends largely on the "balance" of flow between the intake and exhaust port flow.This particular 348 will have a better head package[379's out,333's with bigger 2.09-1.72 valves,lightly pocket ported in] would have a slightly broader...
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    Ragan's '59 El Camino Rebuild Project

    2 1/2 will be fine for your ride 303.At anything like 3/4 throttle your rear tires are going to break loose any way.Put slicks on it so it'll hook and that Jag rear will break like glass.