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    Just felt like sharing some pictures

    Beautiful 63. Nice job you did.
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    Fun little 1960 Impala with a factory 348 came to Karl's Kustoms car show tonight.

    Be a lot cheaper after he blows something up?:crazy:tongue
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    64 Bel Air and Impala rear seat differences?

    Just to be clear, a 1962 Bel Air bubbletop has the same back seat and armrests/spacers as the Impala, except the BT has no seat back speaker. The 2 door post cars, 62-64, have the armrest and no spacer, like Phil’s picture.
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    Aluminum timing cover

    Call Richmond Engines, Dave practically lived there, they are nice people and may know who made them for Dave. I visited there with Dave, their floor had numerous w’s laying around. Dave showed me his 61 Impala he had just bought and was tearing apart, it had a 348, he dropped a 409 in it.
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    64 Bel Air and Impala rear seat differences?

    Or switch to an impala rear seat with the armrests and or speaker.
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    Who did this?

    The new Mars Rover?
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    BobsYourUncle joining the group and saying hi to all

    How’s your lovelife now Wristpin? Post a list of available stuff for us to pick from to help you move, if things aren’t rosy. :crazy:crazy
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    Oil leak rebuilt 348

    Don’t forget to use the little rubber seals on the rear main.
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    Restarting my 348 project!!

    Don, they are Cal Custom cork, are they any good?
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    Aluminum Rear Bumper Project

    Tall valve covers next Jim? :appl:appl
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    MA Wanted Right Lower Control Arm for a 1962

    Jim has a Z11 one. :bow:bow:bow
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    We have one in Cape Breton, A & K Lick A Chick.
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    What car is this?
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    Question fellas.

    Did you remember to water board him Bob, was that the delay?
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    Anybody seen the Sept 2019 Hot Rod article on the 1960 348 4 spd. Impala found in Idaho junkyard?

    I’d say a 4 speed was fairly rare in 59, and likely a 348 was fairly rare in 59 too. The column looks like an original 4 speed column.