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    Rock N Race 2020 Lets make it even bigger and better than last year

    Ole Ray has decided to hang up his racing jock. I was thinking about it for awhile and the race in Indiana sealed the deal. Looking to put the car back on the street and terrorize the locals. I have been having problems with my knee that I pretty much destroyed in a motorcycle accident years...
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    4 posts lifts

    I have the BendPac four post. I have a tiny air compressor dedicated to the pneumatic operated locks.
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    Two head gaskets real or myth?

    Well, that settled that. But! I know I read what I posted. Just goes to show you, don't believe everything you read.
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    Two head gaskets real or myth?

    I have heard they did not come from the factory with two head gaskets but the second gasket was installed by the dealership after customer complaints about detonation . I can imagine some of the customers were either cheap skates who didn't want to pay for high test gasoline or were in a place...
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    Happy Birthday! NZ Steve Lumberjack 60

    Happy birthday mate!
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    348/409 Indiana Race July 10th-12th 2020

    Area 41 is a bust! Rain, timing gizmo no workie and pouring rain again today. 10:43 and we're packed up and ready to pull out.
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    348/409 Indiana Race July 10th-12th 2020

    Do they sell Sunoco standard or its equivalent at the track? And, do you have to pre register or can you pay at the gate? My plan is to pay at the gate.
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    Happy Birthday! DIV1RACER-2

    Happy birthday Denny, I hope you slow down enough to see this. Hope to see you this season.
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    Happy Birthday! Dave Mills

    As old as me for less than two months! Hope you and Jean enjoy your special day. My friend, Dave Mills, (AKA, Swingbag).
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    Well crap!

    No Barry, I go to my brother in laws hunting camp in Pennsylvania two or three times a year, they're in camp quite often.
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    Well crap!

    Not on purpose.
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    Well crap!

    What a year! Y
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    348/409 Indiana Race July 10th-12th 2020

    I've had an uphill battle getting ready for this trip and race. If I make it I am going to practice social distancing. Aside from the fact I'm near 71 years old I have other conditions that compromise my immune system. Six ft. Distancing and no one in my camper. No offense but I want to live to...