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    Fuel Pressure Info

    Make no mistake, air and liquid do not like going around corners period. That little hole he is pushing that liquid through is the key to fooling you that 90 degree fittings do no effect fuel (liquid) flow. There is more than enough inside area in that fuel line he is using to more than make up...
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    348-409 tri-power to 700r4 accessories..

    locking the converter clutch in 2nd through 4th with a momentary switch is an easy upgrade and you’ll have a grin on your face. Get the right converter and you have the ability to lock the converter under full throttle.
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    What did you pay for some of your cars?

    I paid $35.00 for this one in 1968. Needed a clutch, thats all, ran great 283 powerpak. Three on tree.
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    Happy Birthday! nomad59NZ

    Happy birthday Gav, easy on the Jack.
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    Dad's Pilots Log

    Pop made 56 jumps in his service to his county. Ended up in the Philippines during the Japanese occupation. The guy was tough as nails, never complained about anything.
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    Political question

    fourzeronine is absolutely correct, the Democrats could not have pulled this off,,,,,,,,,by themselves. “But” with help from out side the United States they could, and did. Stand back a few feet and think logically, things that statistically could not have happened did happen. Some precincts in...
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    Dad's Pilots Log

    Cool story Cooter. My dad jumped out of planes!
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    Need Some Opinions.

    Yes Phil. Keeping it in a safe place until i can hide it in your rig.
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    Need Some Opinions.

    Whats your point, other than to insult me. That could have went unsaid. Mid 14’s in a full size 60 impala street car was good in the day and is pretty quick by todays standards. Why would anyone “like” that post?
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    Mark Steele turning a young 77

    Happy birthday Mark.
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    1/8th mile racing gear

    You don't have a problem, you have a "Home Wrecker!"
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    Happy birthday Coots

    Hey Cooter, ya old coot. Knock back a few for me, don’t shoot yur foot.
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    prime oil pump problems...

    The 348/409 pump oil primer and distributor is 409/348 only. The small block Chevy pump housing is different. To get oil to the engine property you will need to use a 348/409 primer designed for the W engine or as you said sacrifice a truck distributor.
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    Dodge Demon vs 409

    In those conditions I "may" have ran 11.30.