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    Happy Birthday! Tom K

    Wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tom.
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    Last seven weeks.......

    Dang Phil. This is a real bummer. Please know that Marilyn and I will keep you in our ptayers.
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    Sad News :( Gerry Gostenik

    Godspeed Gerry. Sold him a 3x2 intake about 2 years ago. Curious what project he was working on.
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    Happy Birthday! Mearl

    Wishing you a very happy birthday and a blessed Christmas season Mearl.
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    Hurst shifter linkage

    You the man, Paul. Thank you very much.
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    Hurst shifter linkage

    Searching again Paul. I have some Hurst Shifter arms. Numbers are as follows 2440, 2441, and reverse arm is 1052445. I suspect the are for a Muncie. Thanks for any help you may offer.
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    Hurst shifter linkage

    Thank you Paul.
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    Hurst shifter linkage

    Paul I have some rods I have accumulated with the following numbers. Can you ID these for me. Google is not cooperating. 6929,6892,2920,4210, and a mounting plate 9165. Thanks for any help you might offer.
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    What do you call your 09?

    Still have a new set of 5:86 gears for a 57/64 Pontiac -Olds left over from the E/MP 55 Chevy. Ran the 62 for many years with a 5:57 posi.
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    My personal nightmare

    Just have one word James. "WOW".
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    Godspeed Donnie. What a character he was. "Nobody" told a story better than Donnie.
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    097 Duntov cam

    I have a 56 dual four intake put away in the attic. It is different than the 57 - 61 intakes. Would consider a sale if it was going on a "cool build".
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    097 Duntov cam

    I see one in a tube every once in a while on Ebay. Remember to notch the rear cam journal.
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    On the road again

    I have a Lenco I would consider parting with.
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    Ran at Mokan frequently.