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    Aluminum Rear Bumper Project

    I am in absolute amazement of your talents Jim.
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    1962 Chevrolet Bel Air Sport Coupe 409 4-Speed in Rhinebeck, NY

    Wasn't this car Best of Show at the 2004 348/409 Reunion?
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    Future 409 Build

    When we built our 410 I sent the crank to Ohio Crank. They did a great job. Used Diamond pistons. Took quite a bit of heavy metal to balance.
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    348 HP harmonic balancer

    I have a truck 409. It is over in Pittsburg in the garage at Travis's house will look when I go over.
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    348 HP harmonic balancer

    Yes, they appear to be SBC, except for the location of the timing mark.
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    348 HP harmonic balancer

    Just figured out that I have 2 348 HP balancers. What are they worth?
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    That is one cool car!!!
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    Happy Birthday! Jim Sullivan

    Happy birthday Jim.
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    Another Kingswood wagon

    A mind Blowing WORK ETHIC.
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    I have a 57 Olds 2dr Sedan like the one in Brian's picture. Looking for a new home for it. I will never get to all my projects. Car is complete with original motor and trans. Needs full restoration. Asking $4500.00.
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    Lower control arm weight?

    Stock upper assembly weighs 9 lbs.
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    Here you go Phil (1962 Corvette)

    I have had my 61 since 1976. It is still a poor fit.
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    Happy birthday Hayden!!!!