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    For the Grand Poobah (Phil)

    Saw a great BD card. On the front it said "In The Beginning, GOD created the Heavens and the Earth"... Open the card and it asks, " what was that like?" I remember you from the original 409 Chevy Club that I ran in the 1980's. I would like to say that this Forum is an extension of what we did...
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    better oem intake ?

    That block is possibly a replacement block, designed to replace the '58 non-water cooled spark plugs, or it would be correct for th 59-61 348 as well. If you put the later head on it, water wouldn't circulate around the plugs,but it probably doesn't have to. You could drill the holes for ir,use...
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    To all my democrat friends

    I feel sorry for Mike Pence having to sit that close to that thing.
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    To all my democrat friends

    Can't hide the obvious forever. In my home, sheets only go on the bed.
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    Intake Gasket Installation Question - Small Block

    Many variables come into play regarding intake gasket sets. On Stock Eliminator motors, in order to achieve optimal results,much machine work is involved. Decking blocks, heads, and correcting deck angle deficiencies sometimes results in the intake not wanting to fit right unless it too is...
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    Could be a lot worse. What if you were mr. pelosi?
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    Idaho's Firebird Raceway becomes first

    That's a great story. It would be harder to close with historical designation. Let's get Pomona added to that list. It has been there since around 1950,and they've given many concessions to the surrounding area, they only run two races a year there, the Winternationls and the World Finals.
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    SOTU address

    Forgot to mention. Today is Ronald Reagan's birthday. Seems the three greatest presidents in US history were all born in February.
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    Forgot to mention something, guys!! This is Ronald Reagan's birthday!!! The three greatest Presidents in US history were all born in February!!When do we get a Ronald Reagan 1/2 dollar or large silver dollar? Are they still minting bill clinton outhouse tokens?
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    Was her last name pelosi?
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    SOTU address

    Item #3 above really sums it up. They might as well have dressed like that. They can't hide it. Incidentally, isn't it one of their own kind that's in hot water over that college yearbook photo?How about posting a photo of Pres Trump speaking with VP Pence at his right side behind him, and...
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    Another thing I noticed--having that pelosi named thing seated behind the President right in front of the Flag constitutes a desecration of the Flag and all it stands for.
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    Those leftist democrat women in white were the most miserable batch off beasts you will ever see. Some women are virgins by choice, others by chance, and others are so disgusting nobody would want them for anything. Loved Donald Trump's comment against socialism. bernie sanders sure didn't like...
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    There's a picture out there of people walking to the democratic national convention in about 1922, and one very long line is hooded kkk members ,pointed hats and all. They were the militant arm of the democratic party. Ultimate racism always come from the left.They really know how to play that game.
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    Democraps starting to PANIC

    Who do you think owned ross perot?