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    Great pictures. What is the one being loaded into a truck, a fantasy car?
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    A loooong time ago though! LOL
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    I sure recognize the track! I only went there once way back early 80's, it's all houses in south Keller now, shame.
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    Sir Don is seldom wrong.
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    Crazy other critters thread.

    AAWWWW. So cute.
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    Last seven weeks.......

    Prayers your way sir, that's awful. You are one of the main men that keep this group of hooligans together and we need you and your knowledge and your friendship. Please keep us posted. We will take turns guarding your parts?
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    Happy New Year, Everyone.

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    Update on BA 409

    LA is some kinda body man, I am an inexperienced idiot by comparison. Soooo, What do you use a slapping spoon for, dare I ask??
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    Chicken Shit Canadians?

    Spoken like a man with experience. Still awaiting Mr. Paul's blue color information,patiently. Happy New Year!
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    Chicken Shit Canadians?

    I , too, am awaiting your paint codes Mr. Paul. I love the blue.
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    Wtb distributor 409

    Just read your post wristpin, I have 2 409 distributors that Barry sold me. I can make measurements in a day or two once I get to them. I have thought of doing the same thing for oil start up. Not sure if aluminum is stout enough?? Mild steel should be ok I would think. I was a machinist foe 30...
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    Iowa Deer-Blood Involved-DON'T LOOK

    i have a granddaughter in college now, that makes one feel ancient. She hasnt shot a nice buck tho.
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    Happy Birthday! nomad59NZ

    :bday2:Happy birthday from up above to down under.
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    Yeah, you are right. looks like the rear end is 6 inches too short. Maybe an optical delusion??
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    Super Chevy at Route 66, Joliet this weekend

    Sorry about your stay in Texas Mr. Phil, that sucked. That newer track is neat tho.