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    348/409 Indiana Race July 10th-12th 2020

    I'm jealous, y all have a blast.
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    Gee Mr. Phil, tell us how you REALLY feel!
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    Happy Birthday! Dave Mills

    Happy birthday!!!:4th1:bday1
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    63 ford galaxy 63 impala head to head

    All the youngsters on this site have no idea who that is, but us old farts know, LOL.
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    Spark Plugs

    I like it, " dainty ". Great word for a 4 banger.
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    Spark Plugs

    I used autolite in the old days, even on chevies.
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    1963 409 complete long block - $7,500

    Listed as 690 heads.
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    Spark Plugs

    Do you use old style plugs or the new split fires, or whatever they call them?
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    60 2DHT door card metal tops, anything considered?

    I don't think anyone makes these aftermarket. Somebody should, they could sell a bunch of them. Good luck finding them.
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    Z11 crank

    Please let me know how it turns out Barry. Is this from the engine going to the red car?
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    Back when we actually used a jack!
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    Complete factory air system for 1962 B-body

    Do you still have this?
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    1965 Chevrolet Engine 409 340 HP JB Code

    It sure looks clean.
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    409 starter

    Geez, plastic gears? That's ridiculous in a big block.
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    Niiiiiiiice! Couldn't you get one with a little more red in it?????