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    Fuel return line.

    I replaced my main line, and repaired the return. The return follows the brake line as opposed to routing with the 3/8 line, and at the rear axle it goes over to the driver’s side and exits. at the shock tower. A rubber fuel line the crosses back over to the unique sending unit. the return line...
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    Fuel return line.

    These photos are from Paul, who is extremely knowledgeable and generous. Thank you again, Paul.
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    Paint Code 1963 Impala Dash

    Or the 57 year patina if I do the arithmetic correctly this time.....
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    Paint Code 1963 Impala Dash

    I have my red 63 dash still apart - it is definitely two paint finishes - the instrument panel and steering column are a flat red and the remainder is probably a semigloss red. I too could not find the correct paints in a rattle can, and I spent a lot of time on it. I believe that I am going...
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    Under hood light

    The 1963 Assembly Manual does not show an under hood light. The courtesy lights and a trunk light are what was available. my favorite is an auxiliary Ash Tray mounted under the dash by the radio. I thought it was for customers who smoked SO much that the regular ash tray was insufficient. I...
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    Clutch return spring bracking

    How long is this spring? I need one, but need to know how long it is, so I can get an auto parts store spring. Anyone know the length?
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    You tube Z11

    How did that stance get built? I recall trying to achieve that when we were kids in the 60’s - and always wound up with a jillion coil spring spacers, a crummy ride, and never got the stance close. Does anyone know how the stance was achieved? I too have a white 63 409 and am ready to move the...
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    Lost my internet connection again...

    Give it about 10 more kicks for me!!
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    Dumb Question #1

    I had a difficult time getting a T to actually fit in that narrow space, they were physically too big to turn in order to tighten it. I suppose I could have run a line a short distance, then did the T. I had photos of one that I think Carmine did a long time ago, but it was like building a ship...
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    “ Help”on rebuilt 409 engine blowing water out overflow on radiator

    We used the smog machine to sniff the radiator and see if there were gasses present, like 1958 Delivery suggested, and if there were combustion gasses, it started To narrow down the possibilities. And if no gas present, it eliminated a lot of stuff.
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    Fan Shroud Question

    Pragmatically, I don’t know quite why the “409 shroud“ should make all that much difference in the cooling, But it does! Lots of threads here about overheating issues resolved solely by the correct fan shroud. If you need to put on a shroud, all things being equal, I’d start with the proven one...
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    Need Dims From A Stock Height 60 Impala

    I don’t have the answer, but do know it is covered in the Assembly Manual for my 63. Likely to be in the 1960 too. If you don’t have the Assembly Maunal yet, it should be a the top of your list. GM seems to have done a really good job on these manuals and I have found it to be extremely helpful...
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    1960 Manual Steering Gear Rebuild or Replace

    I absolutely believe you, and missed the connection in the thread. The first Suzuki that I remember was an X6 hustler - with an explosive and narrow power band and a 6 speed.
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    1960 Manual Steering Gear Rebuild or Replace

    Well....I am definitely old enough that I should remember them. I was the National Warranty and Customer Relations Manger for US Suzuki Motor Corp. from 1974 to 1984. Totally fun industry, every year was cutting edge technology. The factory race teams were next to my office area. Got to meet...