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    Ignition all in @

    he is very good. but he does speak his own mind. jim
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    Caught my 63 on fire

    steel with copper coating. jim
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    Mothers Day

    may God bless your mom and your family. jim
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    I had no idea where to put this.

    hell, i would fake it also. jim
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    Stimulus Piss You Off

    no. jim
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    I had no idea where to put this.

    we were taught to defend ourselves and others. i hit two women. but my father was not happy. he raised me to respect and care for them. assault is assault period. no matter if it is a woman or man. it is the courts we have to worry about. judges did not look kindly on hitting women. i watch...
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    I had no idea where to put this.

    we called him 4 letter freddie. he would cuss infront of civilians and deputy chiefs. he was in his mid 40's when he died of cancer. he was in the air force in nam. he mixed agent orange for the planes. i worked the south end in patrol and had him as a partner in a ih paddy wagon. we locked up...
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    I had no idea where to put this.

    i worked homicide with a guy named fred. he said when he gets old and bad off, he would rent a flop house room on the 5 floor or higher. then he would eat a bag of white castles. then he would lay on the floor behing the toilet and the tub and commit suicide. so us dumb asses would have to...
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    if he is anything like me, he will need a emergency squad parked out front. jim
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    How do you beef up a 409 truck motor?

    autogear made those trannies. i believe the model numbers ended in a Y. jim
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    Gas Prices

    the oil and gas industry is approx 5 percent of the employed. so a lot of good jobs are gone for now. refineries are very expensive to build and they have to have maintenance at least once a year. also the epa laws are so restrictive, it does not pay to build new ones. jmho jim
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    another reason to hate the commie china gov't
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    old brake cleaner. jim
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    M*A*S*H and the Corona Virus...

    should not let your x get your cigs for ya. jim
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    I had no idea where to put this.

    sounds like my x wife. jim