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    Old racing terms

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
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    Hei Distributor on a 348 motor

    The vin plate would not provide any color information. You would need the codes from the cowl tag or you might be able to have a local paint supply store scan the original paint color to try and match it.
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    Happy Birthday! Markuhri

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    Happy Birthday! Carmine

    Happy Birthday Carmine. :bday1:birthday
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    CT 63 x-frame FREE

    I'm hoping to pick the frame up soon. Not sure about the disc set up until I look it over. That is as long as Dennis doesn't decide to keep any of the parts. :D
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    63 409 overheating & other issues

    Once full of oil, a hydraulic lifter should not compress or feel spongy, by hand. To adjust a hydraulic lifter, when at tdc, loosen the rocker nut and spin the push rod back and forth while tightening the rocker nut. You will easily tell when the pushrod stops moving freely. Then adjust your...
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    Converting A/C car to A/C heater delete

    I'm not sure about a '58, but the round hole on the left is for the blower motor.
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    348/409 Indiana Race July 10th-12th 2020

    Stay safe Mark and best wishes to you and your family.
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    Never Seen One of These Before

    It's a rolled over Ford(best kind, LOL) with one of there "better ideas" four wheel drive/independent front suspension. :laughing "That's not a Ford guys.Look closer.Ford never had that design frt.end,never had the oil filter in that location,never had a TH350 transmission.That thing is a...
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    Converting A/C car to A/C heater delete

    Here's a couple photos of my 63 firewall. I'm quite sure 64 is the same. Then a photo of the vent housing, which is plastic on 62, 63 and I believe 64. The is a passenger vent on non a/c cars. The heater box doesn't reach over to the kick panel on the inside, a crappy picture of my 62 inside...
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    Happy Birthday! Owen

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    Future 409 Build

    That's Ron.
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    Future 409 Build

    Yes he's from Pa., these could be the same ones. I'm not sure how long the seller had them. He did list them on this site.
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    Future 409 Build

    Just posting some pictures of the fiberglass hood and fenders I'll be using on my BelAir that this engine will going in. Someday, I plan on making an aluminum inner structure for the hood so I can bolt on hinges and add a brace in the fenders, similar to stock fenders.
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    Happy Independence day everyone!:4th1:4th2:cheers