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    Happy Birthday! ROYALOAK62

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    Happy Birthday! real61ss

    Happy Birthday Tommy. :bday1:birthday
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    Happy Easter and Passover

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    Happy Birthday! Jack of all trades!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Jack.:bday1:birthday
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    Its been awhile since last here

    Good to have you back Mike
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    Happy Birthday! Models916

    Happy Birthday Mike, hope all is well.:bday1:birthday
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    Happy Birthday! altered65bu

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    Quick Distributor ID at a swap meet?

    Don't know if this will help
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    '58 - 348 Tri Power (Question P.15)

    Pull one plug wire at a time, or use a scope or cylinder shorter and check to see if there is a cylinder not firing.
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    '58 - 348 Tri Power (Question P.15)

    First side sounds, to me, that there is a miss or dead cylinder, second side sounds good, depending on your cam specs. But there are much smarter members here than me, so you should get some good feedback.
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    Happy Birthday! BOSSMAN

    Happy Birthday Nick. :bday1:birthday
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    New York Shaker

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    Happy Birthday! 62bubble (Mike)

    Happy Birthday Mike. :bday1:birthday How did I miss this?
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    Bib’s birthday