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    How cold is it ?

    That's a very kind offer Steve:D, but it's the temporary home for my 409. The only old car that I have that runs at the moment. I just hate having it sit outside in this weather. Luckily, we haven't had to much snow this winter. Getting another couple inches of snow today then turns to rain and...
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    For the Grand Poobah (Phil)

    Happy Birthday Phil! :bday1:birthday
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    Happy Birthday! Nana1962409

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    Happy Birthday! RAG

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    Happy Birthday! It's Wristpin's Birthday!!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Brad!:bday1:birthday
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    The quest for more + caster

    The cross shafts are finished, except for some deburring. Now to blast the control arms and assemble. I ended up turning the front bushing mounting area back 1/2", added a 1/2" spacer collar on the rear(l will add a 1/2" spacer to the rear bushing mounting area) and I machined 1/4" from the...
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    Happy Birthday! Hrlyknght

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    Cowl Induction and other things

    The piece that attached to the firewall was fiberglass, as far I as know. The air cleaner housing was metal, not sure if it was aluminum or steel. The experts could answer that. That's interesting about the noise and makes sense, I never even thought about that.
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    Cowl Induction and other things

    I would think that as long as the car and air is moving, opened throttle, through the ducts, it wouldn't have time to absorb too much of the heat from the housing. Now if you were in traffic, not moving very fast, it would probably pick up some heat from the housing. Fiberglass probably wouldn't...
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    Happy Birthday! Jim409 Pontiac

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    Happy Birthday! Mark Johnson

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    Letter To My Boss

    Don't hold back Bob, tell us how you really feel.:D
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    Happy Birthday! 409Rob

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    BAYLEIGH, 3 in 1 Metal Brake.

    I just looked at Baileigh's site. Curious to see what their 3 in 1 looked like. Web page says $795.00 with free shipping.
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    BAYLEIGH, 3 in 1 Metal Brake.

    I like those, but I'm sure I wouldn't like the price.