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    Best garage floor coating?

    Can anyone recommend a good, durable garage floor coating that looks good and won't peel?
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    Auto to manual conversion

    but locating exactly on the frame where it needs to be welded...
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    Auto to manual conversion

    The hardest part of the conversion is locating and welding-on the clutch Z bar bracket to the frame.
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    58 348 Tri-power

    348 3x2 ("tri power") and/or power brakes. Take note that for '58, the vacuum system for the 348 3x2 utilized a vacuum pump run by the fuel pump. Later '58 used a vacuum tank in place of the vacuum pump.
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    Sending unit/float arm

    I say if at empty and at full your gauge is showing above where it should be, bend your float arm upwards so that the sender will tell the gauge that the fuel level is lower. Or, bend the gauge needle.
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    Car radio search for a 1958 Impala

    I'd spring the money and go with one of those radios that looks almost identical to the original WonderBar. They cost about $600, but I think it's worth it. I put one in my '58 Impala and it works great. 1) looks original 2) has input for devices such as iPod 3) I think they now Bluetooth...
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    '61 348 3x2BC Vacuum Secondaries Tank

    Or that extra port is for vacuum-operated wipers? The check valve I have is like the one(s) pictured, but shorten it a bit to take out the extra port. There was one on EBay for about $60 recently. Let me see if I can find it.
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    Feds actions may force you to use ethanol in your W engine.

    That looks like the powder I found. Funny thing is that I've never seen this powder in carbs that haven't been run for at least 20 years. I paid $18.00 for 5.5 gallons of 87 octane ethanol-free gas in August.
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    Feds actions may force you to use ethanol in your W engine.

    There are only two "local" gas stations where I can get non-ethanol gasoline, but I have to drive either all the way across Allentown, PA or out to north of Reading, PA. After finding a white powder-like sediment in my carburetor bowls that I can only attribute to ethanol, I decided to try to...
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    '61 348 3x2BC Vacuum Secondaries Tank

    My car is a driver and I was so happy to get rid of the progressive linkage and go back to vacuum. It just took too much pedal pressure to get the secondary carbs to come in with progressive linkage. If you go with progressive linkage, you won't need any of the vacuum stuff. The 348 3x2...
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    '61 348 3x2BC Vacuum Secondaries Tank

    With a good functioning check valve and a vacuum reservoir, you can operate the secondary carbs with the engine off. As a matter of fact, I was able to operate my secondaries about 5 times with the engine off before the vacuum supply finally gave out. But let's not confuse the valves. The...
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    '61 348 3x2BC Vacuum Secondaries Tank

    The first 348 3x2 system did not use a check valve and vacuum reservoir, instead, it was a vacuum pump-boosted system. This was found on early '58s. Late '58 thru '61 used the check valve with the vacuum reservoir. I don't know how well the 3x2 system will work without those two components...
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    58 Chevy 348 starter harness connector

    I think I know why the factory used a starter harness for the 348. Ever try to hook up a non-348 harness to a 348 starter? It's tight in that area!
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    '61 348 3x2BC Vacuum Secondaries Tank

    This is what happens, and it actually depends on having a healthy vacuum supply: You need to have a check valve at the rear of the center carburetor. With the vacuum tank (same as the power brake can), once vacuum gets in there, it stays in there via the check valve. When you floor it, the...
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    shift indicator on 58 chev

    There were four '58 dash cluster housings - one for RHD, one for all non-Impala, one for Impala coupe, and one for Impala convertible. The Impala's front seat actually sat lower than all other body styles, and so, the steering wheel was also lowered. The whole steering column was lowered at...