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    62 Hood

    I'm looking for a backup 62 Biscayne hood that I can put a scoop on. Thaanks
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    Aluminum 409 water pump

    I'm looking for a R&W or Edelbrock 409 waterpump.:bday1
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    Spring Jefferson ?

    Where is Jefferson?
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    ALLEN GEORGE MEMORIAL SHOOT OUT. Hagerstown, MD June 26, 2021

    This race will be a fitting memory to our friend Allen George and his car "The Blue Screamer" Gary Gore of Mason Dixon would really like to have a good turnout of "W" engine cars. Carl Buck will be the leader in contact with Gary. Todate we haven't had a very good response. We all have a good...
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    NY 409 block

    Hi Bert. I hope we can talk tomorrow morning. I have your phone number. Mark
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    409 block not mine

    I answered the man. I'm really looking for a block.
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    NY 409 block

    Either car or truck. Both are good for me. I sent you a PM directly to you. 716-397-7963.
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    NY 409 block

    Hi Don, Mark Steele. I tried calling you tonight but no answer. Maybe too late. I'm interested in that block and I'm ready to talk business. I'm going to try one more time before 10. Please don't sell it to anyone else. Thanks Mark Steele 716-397-7963.
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    ROCK N RACE 2021 July 30-AUGUST 1st $3,000 IN PRIZE MONEY!!!

    Hey Racers and all. I have a lot of shirts and hats left. Because of Covid 19 we had a bad year for sales. Mark
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    ROCK N RACE 2021 July 30-AUGUST 1st $3,000 IN PRIZE MONEY!!!

    "Golden Girl" will be at Rock-n -Race. We will be looking forward. Not sure we will have tee-shirts. You guys will need to let me know. Thanks, Mark and Mike.
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    63 409/425 engine for sale

    spt, I'm very interested in your motor. My cell phone number is 716-397-7963
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    Mark Steele turning a young 77

    Ricky, we are looking forward to it!
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    Charlie Kuenster turns 80!

    Happy Birthday Charlie. I look forward to seeing and racing with you in the spring.
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    Mark Steele turning a young 77

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes racers!
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    Thompson 348/409 event 2020 Is on September 11-12th

    Ray, he is working miracles for my wife. Take care my friend and get feeling better. I hope I see you on the 11 & 12th. Mark