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    KC MECUM auction

    Maybe it's due to the jeans length as Fuzz alluded to.
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    Harmonic balancer clearance

    I'm a big fan of sway bars and have the biggest ones I can get on almost everything. All I could find for the 61 was a 1", I'm a little embarrassed at having to go so puny but it does clear the balancer on the big block by about 1/8". The Camaro, GTO and Nova all have 1 1/4" bars with quick...
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    BBC into 62 Impala Advice needed.

    I bought a set of ceramic shorty headers for the 61 and tried them with the big block. They wouldn't clear he steering shaft so I had to go back to the side exit headers.
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    Sketch of thief

    That's our local news in Springfield!
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    Happy Birthday! MRHP

    Almost missed it! Happy birthday, Brian!!
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    Happy birthday, Tooth!
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    Happy Birthday! 409gang

    Happy birthday!
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    64 Dash pads-all the same?

    Ok, at great risk to life and limb, I climbed up a too short step ladder and leaped on to the 4 post lift where the 63 is. With one hand holding tightly onto thin air, I used the other one to pull the cover back enough to open the door and get in to take some pictures. I hope the seams show up...
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    Happy Birthday! The Grand Pohbah

    Happy birthday, Bob!!
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    64 Dash pads-all the same?

    When I was looking at just dashes for the 63, it $700 plus shipping both ways. I took it to a lady in Mtn. View who said if I could live with one line of stitching, she thought she could make it look pretty good. When I got it back I thought it was beautiful! The one line made it look like a...
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    Makes me laugh 2

    As Abraham Lincoln once said" the trouble with e-mails is knowing the frame of mind of the writer"
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    79 Beers

    Yep, 79 minus 61 is 18 plus 40 is 58, I was born in 57. Or are you guys doing new math?
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    Happy Birthday! 64chevydude

    I almost missed it! Happy Birthday, Steve
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    Remember my posts about my weekends?

    So I made it home yesterday after being gone 10 days. Now we're leaving this morning to go to Belleville Il. for a swap meet tomorrow. The last couple of years it's been on the second day of deer season which made it a tough choice, go try to buy car parts or kill something. Monday will be back...
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    Remember my posts about my weekends?

    Thanks Dave, I'm doing what I like best which is managing people in an automotive related business. I have a couple of big projects coming up; we're taking on the building of GM 4L60E's and should be producing 15 a day by the end of January. We'll start out with 8 stock numbers for 1999- 2014 4...