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    SUU-23 gun pod, 20mm, 1200 rds.
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    Happy Birthday! NZ Steve Lumberjack 60

    Happy Birthday, Steve!!
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    4 Post Lift on Facebook

    I gave $600 for my outdoor 4 post, it's a rotary 9000, not pretty but it works great. For the first time ever, I hired a guy to pour the pad, that wound up costing me $1000. Like most things, I should've done it myself.
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    Seeing if I can use my phone

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    61 rear antenna removal

    Thanks guys! I got the thing off but it put up a pretty good fight. I was afraid to twist on the plastic nut but I took a leather glove in the jaws of a pair of channel-locks and got it to come loose without marring it up. After that, it was easy!
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    61 rear antenna removal

    Hey guys, I need to get the rear antenna off of my parts car to put on the bubble top. I took out the screw from the bottom but I can't see how the housing body comes off of the rear fender. Any ideas?
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    Two post lift

    It's simple, I have a 2 post and a 4 post in the garage and a 4 post outside.
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    Painting parts

    I finally got around to painting some parts for the 61 since I got it where it moves under its own power. The front clip that came with it needed work. I got all the body work done and started to paint the parts last weekend but they didn't come out as well as they should. Yesterday I sanded the...
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    Girlfriend gave away his car!

    I can top this story. One of the guys on the gas side at work was arrested over the weekend for killing his ex-wife! The bad thing is, I asked him if he did it last Tuesday and he said no, I believed him.
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    Happy Birthday! Dick MacKenzie

    Happy birthday, Dick!!
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    Sand Blaster Wet Blasting Washer Sandblasting Device Kit

    I was really happy with my dustless blaster but it was much more than a pressure washer add on. The one I had is up to $6000 now plus you need a huge compressor.
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    Happy Birthday! blkblk63ss

    Guess I missed it yesterday, Don; hope you had a great birthday!
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    Wind storm

    Eminence is the county seat, 11 miles away. My son-in-laws granddad owns the Cross Country trail rides, Jim Smith.
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    Wind storm

    We had some wind on Monday and did some damage around the area. I was at work and it blew of one of the new air ducts for the AC, leaving a 4 foot square sky light. Unfortunately, it also let it rain right on top of where the guys were building 4L60E's. The power was out anyway so we sent...
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    No lock down for me but sales are slow enough that I'm not having to work Friday over time for a couple of weeks. This means that I get to see Gav's pictures on Friday instead of having to wait til the weekend. Win for me!