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    Last seven weeks.......

    Get well soon, Phil. Looks like you took a pretty good tumble, did any body get it on the internet yet? I'm interested to see how high you bounced when you hit.
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    Sad News :( Gerry Gostenik

    I barely met him at Great Bend but I'm still proud that I did. RIP
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    Happy Birthday! nomad59NZ

    Happy birthday, Gav!
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    Little rearranging

    This one has casters, I only put them on long enough to move it.
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    Little rearranging

    I decided to move a few things around so I can work on the bottom side of the 61. I moved the 4 post lift over to where the 61 can be on the lift with he 63 underneath. Now I can move the 63 out so I can get to the exhausts, drive shaft, trans lines and shifter. I really need to get this thing...
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    Merry Christmas to all you guys. Hope it's the best ever!
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    Picked up a Christmas tree today!

    I always make fun of the Ford commercial where the girl goes to the woods and gets her own tree with the escape or whatever she drives. Doesn't anyone notice that she chops it down with an ax but when she carries it to the car, it's smooth sawed on the bottom? They say she she has an example to...
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    Happy Birthday! 63 dream'n

    Happy birthday, Keith!!
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    Happy Birthday! Mearl

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes guys. I've been out of town so I didn't get to them. Wednesday and Thursday, I had to go to Jasper for goal meetings for next year. I took Deb with me and we went to Indy Thursday night. I got to spend my birthday walking around at the PRI show for 8 hours...
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    KC MECUM auction

    Maybe it's due to the jeans length as Fuzz alluded to.
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    Harmonic balancer clearance

    I'm a big fan of sway bars and have the biggest ones I can get on almost everything. All I could find for the 61 was a 1", I'm a little embarrassed at having to go so puny but it does clear the balancer on the big block by about 1/8". The Camaro, GTO and Nova all have 1 1/4" bars with quick...
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    BBC into 62 Impala Advice needed.

    I bought a set of ceramic shorty headers for the 61 and tried them with the big block. They wouldn't clear he steering shaft so I had to go back to the side exit headers.
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    Sketch of thief

    That's our local news in Springfield!
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    Happy Birthday! MRHP

    Almost missed it! Happy birthday, Brian!!
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    Happy birthday, Tooth!