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    409/425 Carbs help

    Didn’t know if he was still around or not?
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    Well crap!

    Bet that Bears glad he doesn’t look like a defective refrigerator!!!
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    please ID a w

    sounds like a sore peter..... you can't beat it!!!
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    ArmaSteel main caps.

    Thanks guys.
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    ArmaSteel main caps.

    Friend of mine had a 068 QA block with ArmaSteel main caps, I thought ArmaSteel came a bit later? What you’all day?
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    Mystery Motor engine bay as raced 1963

    I have that entire article I copied out of an original 1963 Hot Rod magazine when I was in High School, I remember the article using words like “a worms eye view “ to describe some of the components LOL don’t hear writers use words like that anymore.
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    Isky cam

    Thanks guys.
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    Isky cam

    Thanks scott.
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    Isky cam

    Good power? What RPM range do you think? Thanks
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    Isky cam

    Good grind? Or old school? Better grinds today? Thanks jack
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    Isky cam

    Anyone recognize this one, old school?
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    Fuel sending unit sock.

    Thanks Everyone! Yes Don I hope to make right up to 500 hp some day.
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    Fuel sending unit sock.

    Does the sock on the end of the fuel sending unit pickup tube restrict fuel flow? just curious if I should leave it or remove it. Asking for a friend.
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    Real Yenko L88 427 aluminum block

    When it comes to the LS craze I feel like Henry Ford probably did when they started putting small block chevys in his beloved model T’s and A’s, although he was dead by then I’m sure he’s still spinning in his grave.
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    65 oil pan?

    Thanks. Trying to get rid of some stuff I don’t think I’ll ever need.