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    Sad News

    James, sorry to hear of this mate. Thoughts are with you. Gav
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    348 for 59 Nomad wagon

    So a couple of weeks ago i started getting the sump & timing cover ready to take to the engine reconditioner. I brought a sump plug & washer, sandblasted the sump, which didn't look to flash afterwards. Fitted the new sump plug and tested for leaks and didn't seal all. The plug had been played...
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    UPDATE-2019 West Coast 348-409 Reunion **CANCELLED**

    NOOOOO, for the love of GAV, please don’t cancel next years race. This is on my 2020 travel bucket list. We are arriving in LA this Aug 24th late afternoon and as much as I would love to make a 10 hour drive to see you guys it just wouldn’t be possible (and I would probably be flying home alone...
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    Sad News :( Debs mom

    Sorry to hear of Deb's and your loss. Take care. Gav
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    Down Time

    Not good at all to hear Skip. Speedy recovery and as others have said, leave those nurses alone. Unless of course it is sponge bath time :love Gav
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    Mark Steele breaks into the 12s

    Awesome Mark, you will be wrapped with that. Gav
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    My Town Made The News....Again.

    :laugh:rollworks for me
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    Mini starter

    Think this is the DB starter as mentioned above Gav
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    1959 Wagon 60 years ago

    So how many bales did you get in the back with the seats down! :D Gav
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    what about this frisky long trunk, :roll
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    Slow build 1962

    :burnout:drive AWESOME. Gav
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    348 for 59 Nomad wagon

    the Radiator that is currently in the wagon and keeping the 283 cool is a non original cross flow unit. Has done the job ok. What would be the recommendation for cooling now that going with mild to warmish 348 and anyone want to give anything up! :D Thanks Gav