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    Take a ride

    That's what I figured!! In 2000, met a man on Kodiak Island. He came up from the SE on a fishing trip of 1 week. Called home, told his wife to sell the house and close the business because we are moving to Kodiak!!!!!!! He had been there 24 years in 2000!!! Fairly a common occurrence with a...
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    Build sheets

    No Dave, I don't think so. They are all GM verbage!!!!
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    Maybe next week....

    She bosses me around too!!!!!!
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    Maybe next week....

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    Date Codes

    Block date code is 5. That would be Jan. 5th. If you have a 656 block are good to go.
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    I've Just Bot 409 #3... In California-Driving East...

    What???? Where????? I didn't see any shoes!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I Really Must Be Cowl Induction Crazy.

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    Maybe next week....

    That's because you are old. Need somebody like me to help you!!!!!!!!! You Supervisor!!!!!!!
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    Date Codes

    The 84 and 87 Julian dates. Your heads were cast 3 days apart. The is the 84th and 87th day of the year.
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    Shucking Corn The Easy Way

    Nope!!! We've used this method!!
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    Maybe next week....

    Howya doin' today RussC????????
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    Redneck Book Of Manners

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    Inner front bumper steel

    Paul.....if they are rust free.....there will always be somebody who could use them. Finding them might be the problem!!!!
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    Rock n Race 2019 348/409 class

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    348/409 Fender well Headers