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    TX 64 340hp water pump 3 groove pulley for factory air car

    Try Jody Anderson. 612-727-2404 He specialized in 64 parts and he may have one. Be aware that that pulley is rare!!!!!
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    63 409 overheating & other issues

    My name isn't Don, but I would think so.
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    To all my democrat friends

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    Rock N Race 2020 Lets make it even bigger and better than last year

    Sorry Bryan!!!!!
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    Make of headlight bezels

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    Happy Birthday! Kim Thompson

    Happy Birthday Kim!!!!! If I assume that you are retired now, would that be correct?? Enjoy the day in your Chevrolet!!!!! Diana Shore told me to tell you that!!!!!!
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    Happy Birthday! NZ Steve Lumberjack 60

    Happy Birthday Stevearino!!!! Hope you can get out and shoot some wabbits!!! Guess Candy and I will have to try again next year!!!! HOPEFULLY!!!!!!!!
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    Old super Chevy review.........

    Tom and Linda Jacobson!!!!!! Gary Hansen built the car.
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    Two post lift

    OK MICKEY!!!!!!!!!
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    Chevy what? 54 CHEVY TRUCK BUILD

    Loos good John!!!!!!
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    Old super Chevy review.........

    The Obsolete Missle was a 63 Impala that Donnie Shaffer from MO campaigned.
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    I.D. 348

    I know that about the radiator!!! Used the 2032 to pick up and move 348 engine with no problems.
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    I.D. 348

    What series is your John Deere???? Mine is a 2032. Looks smaller but very good in the yard.
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    Two post lift

    Oh damn!!!!!!!!
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    Two post lift

    ALL RIGHT!!!!!!!!