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    Happy Birthday! Tom K

    Take your lovely bride down to Hooters and find her a chair to set in and James, Toothy myself and several other "good guys" could sit with her while you run errands or other necessary trips Tom!!!!!! You've probably have more friends that will want to help!!!! Just leave her and a hundred...
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    Visiting Carl Mcquillens

    What about me????????!!!!!!!!!
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    Happy Birthday! Fuzzy

    Happy Birthday Fuzz. It was nice meeting you at the Iowa race track!!!!!!!
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    1964 Chevrolet Biscayne 409 - For Sale

    I've ridden in it Dave. 4:11 or 4:56.....wicked!!!!!!!
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    Happy Birthday! Tom K

    Happy Birthday fellow Missiourian!!!!! Wanna meet James, me and Toothy at the same bar stool at Hooters today???? Say.....4;09 PM!!!!!!!!!!
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    1955 Chevy truck

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    Phil, it’s ain’t looking good

    OMG!!!!! 50 YEARS IN THE MAKING FOR ANDY REID!!!!!!!! Finally have the Lamar Hunt trophy for KC!!!!. If I was in the stadium.....I'd be crying!!!!!!!! Thanks for everyone who was rooting for the Chiefs!!!!!!!!
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    1955 Chevy truck

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    In search of 1961 Impala convertible rack hardware

    Yeah.............but............I'm not sure Paul drinks enough beer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Happy Birthday! mike s

    Happy Birthday Mike!!!!!!!
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    1962 Bel Air two door sedan

    FYI.......check to see if your 235 has a remote filter...most did. If yours has it there will be cast iron fitting......2 outlet ports and 1 inlet port. It's the same as 62-64 fuel fitting for 409 engines!!!!!!! A very expensive piece!!!!!!!
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    Welcome Sunshine!!!!!!!!! Long hear!!!!! Miss our conversations!!!!!! Miss your 409 neon sign from the 2004 Convention!!!!! Like to get caught up sometime soon!!!!!!!! Phil
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    '64 Impala SS 409

    Nice stance!!!!!!!!
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    5 Ea. 3361 AFB Carbs - All Nice

    Can you send me the money to owe me now??????????