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    What do original 64 keys go to?

    The 64 was a 409/425hp that he traded a 59 Impala Convert in on it. It is listed in the trade in section. Then he traded the 64 in on a 66 Chevelle L78 375hp 396. Turned 21 Halloween 1966 --- Must have been a really fun time growing up then. :burnout
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    What do original 64 keys go to?

    The brake lock was kind of a crude anti - theft system. You would apply the brakes and it would keep them applied without the key to unlock it you would have to drag the car with all 4 wheels locked up. But that is what they had back then.
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    What do original 64 keys go to?

    Invoice from my dad's 64- 409/425 only 1 key code. The 66 Chevelle he traded it in for had 2 key codes so somewhere between 64-66 it changed.
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    ISO 1961 Grill Guard

    The 61 Grill Guard repro I believe is in the works. If you want more info contact David Hess @ David's Impalas 704-460-6192 $1500 for that nos is pretty much the market price for Original but not show quality chrome. Plus you still need the pull handle. You can also contact Chip Puhera...
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    348 smoking out of right side

    I have seen in the past where a bad intake manifold gasket was allowing oil to be sucked into the cylinder with no visible leaks and it had good even compression across all 8 holes and close to 19" of vacuum. Be careful to not plug the pcv system. Pressure has to release somewhere and gaskets...
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    348 lower generator bracket

    With Power steering W/o PS
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    Upper control arm ?

    I agree with JIM went through same mess. BOTH front and rears are not correct. The Monroes are exactly the same dimensions as the originals. The rears were too long and the fronts were nowhere close to right on the KYB's . They should look like these.blob:null/cb4d11d4-1a23-42eb-bb97-824fa3ebd56c
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    Upper control arm ?

    The distance from the hole in the shaft where it attaches to the frame to the end of the shaft is different. I cant remember if the shorter goes to the front or toward the firewall. The back of the control arm will hit the top of the frame if they are installed wrong. ASK me how I know :facepalm...
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    Cowl tag inaccurate Body 'Style' information

    It has been well documented. The vin tag trumps the cowl tag in terms of the I6/V8. The trim tag normally has information that Fisher body needed to modify the body before it was mated to the frame/chassis whether a 6cl or v8 was installed would not require any body modifications.
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    Looking for a good place to buy from

    Give Brent Reese a call 714-720-3438 He should have exactly what you are looking for.
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    WTB left front fender for 61 in original facotry white paint.

    LOL I read it as you wanted to trade your boxer (dog) for the fender :doh:facepalm
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    WTB left front fender for 61 in original facotry white paint.

    I have a cranky old pit bull and the queen isn't having any other pooches, trust me it's HER house.
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    WTB left front fender for 61 in original facotry white paint.

    I am looking for a drivers side front fender for a 61 in original white paint. It does not need to be perfect but not rotted at the headlight and eyebrow. I have a VERY nice fawn fender that I would trade or just buy the fender outright. I am looking to match the rest of an original paint patina...
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    "Venting" about a RockAuto part problem

    Use this email address it should get you a fast response. Tom and his brother Jim own Rock Auto
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    Windshield wiper woes 1962 2-speed

    Another very good source for rebuilds is Steve Hackel 708-687-7183