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    Saving the 1962 convertible

    This is a picture of the ones Brent is reproducing.
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    1961 283 original accessories cast iron powerglide

    I have a running 61 283 2bl and cast iron powerglide removed from a 61 brookwood. If you need original parts for a restoration here you go. I will ship buyer pays for the ride. Located an hour south of Chicago, Lockport, Il 60441 2” rams horn manifolds no broken studs heat riser included $75...
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    Can you post a pic of the underside lip of the 61 trunk lid? Would you be willing to ship it via Greyhound? I just use couple moving blankets from carbor freight and some duct tape and or shrink wrap to keep it in place.
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    1963 impala rear axle and "P" cases

    Interested if you have a 3:73 gear set. You are pretty fair going price seems to be around $650 for the Pcase with a posi and good gears on complete center section. Complete rear couple hundred more give or take.
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    Saving the 1962 convertible

    Give Brent Reese a call 714-720-3438 Text is good to or email he was/is reproducing those.
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    Hydraulic Clutch

    Over time as the clutch wears you do have to yank the trans to adjust the air gap on the hydraulic release bearing probably not a big deal unless you are on the dragstrip a LOT. Just something to be aware of. Obviously as the clutch wears the gap will change. Unfortunately aside from changing...
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    348 Tri-Power - Advice needed

    2 things come to mind. Might have to run a ground to the radiator tank mounting strap. Also if you used teflon tape pull it back out remove the tape and use thread sealer. The teflon tape will interfere with how it grounds. I am sure the flames will come at me but I will say it anyway teflon...
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    Last seven weeks.......

    Get well soon Phil please get more than one doc to look at you. If I would not have pushed my Dad to see more than one he would have never gotten his LVAD which thankfully gave us another 6 yrs with him. We always take our cars to get 3 or more estimates for a fender bender but when it comes to...
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    Last seven weeks.......

    Those LVAD's really spin my Dad was up around 9200RPM I would ask if he ever had the guts to take his 425HP 409 up that high, He laughed and said it would float the valves long before it would get to 9000.
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    4.56 P case posi third member

    63409 was lookin for a gear set back in June not sure if you would want to split it or if he would want the whole chunk. You are fair priced 4:56 is a bit stought for the street if it had 3:73 or 3:55/3:36 probably be snapped up already.
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    WTB 3:73 or 4:11 ring and pinion. Preferably an original Chevrolet gear set but open to others. for xframe 8.2 dropout.

    Looking for ring & pinion I have a 3 series posi unit and spacer so I can use either one. Prefer an original Chevy gear set but US Gear or Yukon would be OK too. Closer to Chicago better but Shipping should not be tooo bad. Thanks Chris
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    Wanted12 bolt.

    Location? Mono leaf springs use a shallower perch then Multileaf springs.
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    348 Tri-Power - Advice needed

    Could you drill and tap the rear coolant crossover in the intake and then the wire would be very close to the firewall out of sight and just use a flush plug to fill the hole where the sender is now?
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    WTB 4 speed stock driveshaft

    You can buy just the shortened front half from show cars. From doing several overdrive swaps I can tell you that it is better to wait til everything is in and call the person who is doing the shortening and ask HIM how he wants you to measure it. I have seen and heard many different ways. Some...
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    1958 impala windshield and back glass

    It has been soooooooo long since glass has been in my car I honestly cannot remember exactly but I recall the headliner having to be pulled down for screw access at the top both front and rear and the corner triangle shaped pieces have a stud on them that bolts after the glass goes in. I think...