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    Gas Prices

    On my Colorado trips on I-70 my one fuel stop is on the east side of Colombia Missouri at a QT and is usually the cheapest I have found. Diesel is $2.99 here Robert
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    We also had a famous wagon back in the day around here with some massaging by Grumpy. I’d bet McKenzie has a better photo from Cecil county as this was from US13 in the 60’s
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    Chicken Shit Canadians?

    3,871 yards confirmed. Yikes :bow That is out there with Coots numbers. My local play range length is 1/10th of that! Robert
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    What is it?

    Well, not sure but I am certain it isn’t for either of the tractors in the photos. What is the Farmall? Robert
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    This is just WRONG!

    Uuh. Could you sing that one again. :confused Robert
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    61 SS. Is it genuine?????

    Not necessarily but probably most were 3 Duce cars robert
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    61 SS. Is it genuine?????

    And a couple items but it still “could be”. Best if someone knowledgeable personally inspects the car in my opinion Robert
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    61 SS. Is it genuine?????

    And some fire wall photos Robert
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    Not a 'W' or a Chevy.....

    Interesting comments over the coil on plug system. A car that I recently sold at 270,00 miles had that system. I had several “knowledgeable “ people caution me to keep an eye on those coils. That car never missed a beat! I must toddle over to the cabinet to think this through:dunno Robert
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    Not a 'W' or a Chevy.....

    Yes, looks complicated and looks like the same engine? What's different in summary with the two? Robert
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    McQuillen Intake.

    sounds like toddling is like my gin and tonics
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    McQuillen Intake.

    Hmm sounds as though Ray might be getting an aluminum Z-11 style air cleaner custom made Robert
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    All of my Uncles(3) as well as Dad served during the war. My Uncle who piloted 24's from Africa to Italy oil fields had the roughest time of them all but they all made it and like the rest never mentioned it much if at all. My mother and father did tell me some of the perils of my Uncle who...
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    Happy Birthday! rstreet

    Thanks for the kind words guys. Well....mostly. I am getting one of my annual winter colds that gives me fits the last two winters. But it will get better once I can get down to Florida! I haven't had seller's remorse yet for selling the 62 SS as I have towed that car it seems everywhere. I...
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    Deep cycle batteries...I'm pissed!!!!!

    Some of our discussion focused on battery warranty. A friend of mine owns parts/battery stores and one of the big 4D deep cycle batteries he sells manufactured by a reputable battery company is warranted for 6 months. I swear I heard him correctly. Robert