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    Biteme's VP pick

    :panHow's this smell?:mock
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    Time For Some Blond Jokes

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    Contents of my 63

    I wonder, how many of us, had locking gas caps, that didn't work right.:doh That last one I had, needed to be drilled, to get it back off. :doh Parts of it lived in my Duster 340's Gas Tank, till it got junked.:cry1
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    What's wrong with us?:dunno What are we, a bunch of old horny Bastards. We're better, than that.:dunno2:teehee
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    Biteme's VP pick

    Well, I'll admit, I was wrong.:doh I thought Hitlary, would be his VP pick. :rolleyes Glad, she's out of the picture.:clap Or is she?:bat
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    Chinese Coronavirus

    College kids will buy it.:doh:roll
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    Hunting for 1958-64 Chevy impala cars and parts. Over 250 late great Chevy’s in one place. The sheds In the picture below were full of parts. Heaven

    I also remember, Paul (pvs409) sold Decent parts, on LGC. Back in the day:dunno I bought some Muncie parts, from a guy in NJ. His name was Ritchie Mulligan (Street Wise Performance) He sold regularly, on LGC. That's when Danny ran LGC. It was the Best.:appl
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    Just felt like sharing some pictures

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    Old tools, old whiskey and younger women!

    WOW ! That's definitely a KODAK moment.:love Head Cheese sammich, anyone?:dunno:teehee
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    Welcome Birdman. That 348 will look So-o Kool, in that Nomad.:bow
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    Correct 409 block color?

    :scratchNever heard of that, Scott. :dunno
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    Lost my internet connection again...

    I feel sorry for the guy, that tells him, his wife is at the NO TELL MOTEL, with his boss.:doh:tantrum:fear
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    Ralley Wheels =Speedway

    I like those, Butch.:appl
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    I need a larger Drool Cup. :doh:rolleyes:love
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    DuhBlauZero spews BS