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    '62 Impala gets a new powerplant

    That bamboo will take over, as you've probably already found out.
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    Bad news guys, but for only me...

    Ediopathic cardiomyopathy, CHF, Welcome to my world Junk.
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    Impala 409 Stahl headers

    I believe that ACP is mfg. the fenderwell headers, I know a guy on FB that ordered a set. He may even be a member on the forum.
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    Impala 409 Stahl headers

    ACP Headers are making the Stahl headers. I believe they bought all the jigs and forms from Stahl.
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    From rags to riches :)

    I don't have any autographs
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    Happy Birthday! Wintertexan

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday Bruce.
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    Don's gone Crazy Stroker, 1966 C-10

    Junk, I think you mean "Mrs".
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    Anyone here into bees?

    The best thing to kill honeybees is plain old liquid soap mixed with water, absolutely deadly. I have used that combo on diseased hives many times.
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    Anyone here into bees?

    If they are still going in and out of the hole do not seal them in the wall of the house, they will find a way out, usually into the house.
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    Spring's what you missed

    That pup looks like Arnold at the end of "Total Recall.
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    Moving Today

    I used to collect them, probably had a dozen. One thing you want to wait for is a couple of hard frosts before you collect it. Ask me how I know.
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    New look.

    I thought that might get a rise out of you.
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    New look.

    A blower?
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    Anyone here into bees?

    Mike, she could still be in there, certainly her pheromones, if you're spraying them with poison just keep spraying them, evantually you'll get rid of them. Feral or wild honey bees are very rare anymore, you probably had a swarm from another hive settle in the chimney area. Honeybees are...