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    Factory dual quad linkage

    Try this
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    Dumb Question #1

    Copper tubing to the gauge, not plastic.
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    Ahat ins. co.

    Let us know how this story ends.
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    Happy Birthday! Carmine

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday Carmine. We miss you.
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    Happy Birthday! DIV1RACER-2

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday Denny.
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    Happy Birthday! Dave Mills

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday Dave.
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    My 63 Impala SS restoration

    Motor pictures are nice, how about some pics of the car as it looks today?
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    Last Spooky gunship heads for the boneyard.

    Pretty sight, watching that red line coming out of the sky.
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    62 OEM Connecting Rods Identifcation

    I can't help you but anybody that could would probably need a picture or two.
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    Front Disc Brakes and dual master cylinder

    Ted, you DO know that Mike sells brakes and a bunch of other parts for our cars. He always is willing and eager to help the members get their brake problems solved. Sometimes he can even be a little or alot sarcastic, that's why we like him.
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    Petronix III also has a built in rev limiter and it works great.
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    Oil leak rebuilt 348

    Most, but not all 348/409s leak a little or a lot at the rear main, all 4 of mine did, certainly there are some that don't, I'm just not aware. Mine now leaks just a drop or two after cruising, "almost" nothing.
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    63 Impala SS 409- restoration

    The 425hp would be way more fun.
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    409 starter