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    348 oiling problem

    Me too. I can lend you mine also.
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    348 oiling problem

    Can you find a old truck distributor and adapt it to be a oil primer.
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    Happy Birthday! Tom Kochtanek

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday Tom.
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    Universal joints.......

    My driveshaft guy says that the U joints with zerk grease fittings are weaker than the U joints that have sealed bearings.
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    348 oiling problem

    Take a picture of the distributor and post it.
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    1962 1963 nostalgia racers for sale

    Damn Gordy congratulations, let's go racing boys!
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    409 4 barrel manifold

    Mark, the 2 links work.
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    409 4 barrel manifold

    I have FB and it doesnt open for me either.
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    409 Crank

    Check with Greyhound, their rates used to be really good.
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    Edelbrock 5409

    The small port is really hard to find, not manufactured anymore.
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    Aftermarket distributor choices..

    Petronix lll has a built in rev limiter. Saved my ass a couple of times.
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    New shop

    I suspect they are going to tell you they own the software, proprietary. What are you going to do with a sd card that has the design, you don't have the machine to reproduce the decal. I would think if anybody wants a decal to call Ami Graphics for one. I want one too. I will wait to see what...
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    New shop

    Who owns the master? You or Ami Graphics.
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all my 348-409 friends. Next year is gonna be better.