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    2 X 4 Carbs and Intake

    Still for sale?
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    1963 impala rear axle and "P" cases

    What are you asking for the 456 carrier?
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    Mallory Duel point Distributors

    4 sale Mallory Duel points. Needs cleaning and points. Let me know which one you would like. $200 b/o. Thank you
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    Dan Gurney Impala in England (recent video)

    The man that built that engine is a genius
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    What are these?

    Everything is an anchor to you
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    What are these?

    Why are they not on any post information on any site? And.... are they worth a damn?
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    What are these?

    I just picked these up and the numbers are unavailable on any website I have searched. Any response would be much appreciated.
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    Staffs oil pan.

    Sounds great! Thank you so much for the information. Still working on my car. I hope to be finished real soon. I’m hoping the pan I have will do just fine
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    Staffs oil pan.

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    Staffs oil pan.

    Looking for any information on Steffs oil pans for a 409 engine. Pros? Cons? Etc. thank you
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    Show cars 409 oil pan

    Rear pan rail
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    Show cars 409 oil pan

    Two rubber gaskets.
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    Show cars 409 oil pan

    Question. Just had my engine rebuilt from a rebuttable builder. Engine is on a rolling stand on Garett floor. Came out this morning to find a half dime sized puddle of oil in rear of pan. It is a show cars piece. Has anyone had this same problem and if so how did you relieve said problem...
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    Holley 3 barrel carburetor

    . Yeah? Y’all must be retired... or rich