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    Happy Birthday! MRHP

    Happy birthday Brian!
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    Happy Birthday! Yellow wagon

    Thank you everyone!! It was a great day filled with work and tacos! Ha!
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    Ronnie Russell Builds

    Thanks for this! I only spoke to Ronnie a few times but I felt like we were friends for life. Such a great guy! RIP Ronnie!
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    Love it! Efi 409, 6spd, 9”, discs and drive it!
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    Sorry for the loss. Prayers go out to the entire family
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    Looking for a 4.56 gear

    I’ve got 4.30s in my 9” and I drive the car everywhere
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    W Head Basic porting for dummies

    The 333s are perfect heads for cheap f_ckers like me that still want to have some fun. Grind a little here. Smooth a little there. Drink some beer. The heads work really well on a budget.
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    W Head Basic porting for dummies

    I don’t have any finished photos of the intake side, I looked. I took some in progress but nothing once I was all done unfortunately. Sorry
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    W Head Basic porting for dummies

    It does take a long time especially when you are scared to remove too much too fast haha. But I’m cheap and figured if I wrecked a head, it’s a 333 casting and replacements are on the shelf in the garage. So no biggie. Plus it’s fun when people ask who ported the heads and I can say I did. Tony...
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    W Head Basic porting for dummies

    I did the head porting on my motor myself with some consultation with the late Ronnie Russell. I used a straight grinder with an old burr (somewhat dull) so not to remove too much metal too quickly, a Dremel with a cylinder stone and some sanding cartridge rolls ala Harbor Freight to finish the...
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    Widow selling 1963 409 motor with 4 spd

    That’s a core. Nothing more than that. $3k since nothing has been inspected or checked out.
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    Not just 409S

    Max wedge engines are complete animals. As much as I love 409s the wedge is a close second! They command attention!