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    Pair of 690 heads asking $1400.00

    Could you please point out the repair. Its like looking for Waldo. Thanks
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    Power steering brackets for small block

    The power steering pump brackets for a 67 283 El Camino are totally different than a 64 Impala.
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    Decode this P case? Anybody?

    Should be a code stamped on the other side which will give you info on application (full-size or Corvette), gear ratio and assembly date. If that is missing there should be dates on the posi unit and the ring gear as well as the tooth count. Example 37 10 3:70 ratio
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    62 BA A Good Start

    Also note that it has power seat. Neat car.
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    Wanted Turquoise Floor Mats

    I have a seamist turquoise Impala. I've owned it for thirty years and have never found turquoise mats other than some very over priced NOS ones and haven't seen any of those for sale for several years. I have black mats in mine and they look OK.
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    Confused about oval port vs. Rectangular port heads

    The rectangular and oval port heads are a 396 427 454 thing. Has nothing to due with 348 409. The 62-65 high performance heads had a taller intake port but the exhaust port is the same for all 348 409.
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    I assume that you want the old school look so make sure you get an intake with the oil fill tube. I would be concerned about the afb sealing properly on the intake you have. I would look for a 62-65 300hp intake.
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    3361s 409 carb

    For Sale 3361s dual quad 409 carb. Nice used condition that has fresh kit and new floats. Dated L2 $425 plus $25 insured shipping in US.
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    Losing oil

    The port on the Edelbrock manifold is not supposed to have a pcv valve in it. It is just vented to the air cleaner. I found this to be a rather strange setup but that is what the instruction sheet that came with the manifold states.
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    61 Impala SS 409 at Mecum Chicago

    I think that the early white cars had a black insert but later on you could get a few different colors to match the interior. The power brake booster is a bendix unit that was dealer installed. The factory unit that was a mandatory SS item was a Delco-Moraine unit.
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    265 V-8

    Another option is to use an early edelbrock intake C3B. It has the oil fill tube and after grinding off the numbers and painting it would look very much like a stock manifold. They usually sell for $100 to $150. The 57 265 block is a great choice as it is the same block used for the 283 so you...
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    409 rods?

    What is the difference between 348 and 409 connecting rods? I have what I think are 409 rods but not sure.
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    '58 - 348 Tri Power

    The picture shows a no bowtie valve cover. The valve covers must of been on a Canadian Pontiac.
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    1963 Posi

    75 lbs
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    Manual Steering 62-64

    The gear ratio is different between a manual and a power steering gears. I believe that a manual has a 24 to l ratio and the ps has a 20 to 1.
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    Many Many Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great convention Phil, Thanks again for a great convention. It was one of those things you just can't describe to someone you just had to be there. I think everyone that was there will be smiling for weeks.
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    58 Fender

    There are lot of differences in the susupension between Levelair cars and reg suspension. the lower a-arms are different they have a cup to hold the airbag and an outside bracket for the shock as the reg suspension the shock went through the coil spring. The upper shock mount is welded to the...