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  1. Lynn Davis

    1960 el camino window frame

    If you still need one call my buddy Mike Blocker at 864 420 8903 He has a 60 elk he is parting out. Tell him Lynn Davis gave you the number
  2. Lynn Davis

    First Fire

    Well I know it's been awhile but I got it run in so im motivated again. I wanted to up load the video but having some trouble. The file is an .mp4 If interested it's on my facebook page. Lynn Davis from SC
  3. Lynn Davis

    Drive shaft for 60 belair

    Need a little help, I took out a 283 with a castiron powerglide and have put in a 348 with a 350 turbo with a 6" tail shaft. Does anybody know off the top of your head how much I will have to take out of the front shaft? Looks like 2" to me but I know some on here have allready went thru this...
  4. Lynn Davis

    Crankshaft Drilling

    Have any of you drilled and tap the crank so you can bolt the ballancer on? I looked but didn't find anything on it. Thanks!
  5. Lynn Davis

    Anyone into guitars??

    Love guitars: got a dozen last count! Make sounds like a dyeing calf in a hail storm. But Im better at cars than tars. LOL
  6. Lynn Davis

    Another Satisfied Customer!!

    Phill do you still see this guy? I want to know what TV cable he used on the 700r4 and if he made the brackets Thanks in advance. Lynn Davis
  7. Lynn Davis

    New 348 project

    Oh by the way Dan I like your toy list. 1960 Bel-Air 1939 Chevy
  8. Lynn Davis

    New 348 project

    I will have to look again at the #s Because what I wrote down last night doesn't make much sence Block boss at the front T204H Heads J1457 8732791 And my tri-power intake 274990 D1860 but I will look again it was getting late.
  9. Lynn Davis

    New 348 project

    Hello Folks, as a suggestion from Ian I would like your advice on a cam for my 348. I have the block machined .30 over and have 10.5 to 1 pistons, since I found this site I have also found that I may have started a high dollar boat anchor (LOL) it looks as if my 348 is a 1958 truck block and I...
  10. Lynn Davis

    1960 Impala 348 tri-power

    Thanks Ian Let me do that now.
  11. Lynn Davis

    1960 Impala 348 tri-power

    looks great to me. What pistons and cam are you using?
  12. Lynn Davis

    1960 Impala 348 tri-power

    What paint did you use? and can you tell me a little about your engine, I am about to assy. mine but havent decided on a cam grind yet. Im @ 10.5 to 1 and will be doing the three commode set-up like you are running
  13. Lynn Davis

    Lynn Davis from South Carolina

    Hello folks I have been looking at this site for a couple of days and I tell ya theres a lot of good info coming in. I look forward to sharing what little I know and learning what ya'll will share. Just to let you know it's been years since I messed with the "W" motors but the "60" Bel-Air im...