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  1. de31168

    Rock N Race 2020 Lets make it even bigger and better than last year

    Dragway 42 has released their 2020 schedule and Rock N Race is July 31st thru August 2nd.
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    Indiana Event?

    Sounds great! I'm not sure if you'd want it as a stand alone type event or piggyback it onto something else. The only thing I could suggest would be the Area 41 Nostalgia Drags and U.S. 30 Reunion car show, but that has been held on 4th of July weekend the last 2 years. The place is about an...
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    Rock N Race 2020 Lets make it even bigger and better than last year

    :eek1:laugh4 Oh Bryan... May your Christmas be merry and your lights be green! :xmas2
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    Car looked great as always! I think it was the only 409 at the show too.
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    Curly Joe Fugate

    Good luck Bryan! Hope all is well and the pain instantly disappears!
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    Rock n Race 2019 348/409 class

  7. de31168

    Rock n Race 2019 348/409 class

  8. de31168

    Red Williams

    Terrible news to wake up to after such an amazing weekend. Thanks to everyone who signed the shirt for us that we wanted to bring back to Red. It breaks my heart that he won't get to see the kind gesture from all of you in attendance but we will present it to his family at the services on...
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    Rock n Race 2019 348/409 class

    People have been asking what kind of times everyone was running. I didn't really have much of a chance to pay attention to all the runs. I know I made 11 passes between 9.95 and 10.09. What was everyone elses best pass of the weekend? Or did anyone keep track of the eliminations results from...
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    Rock n Race 2019 348/409 class

    We had a great time getting to see all the beautiful cars and friendly faces. Many thanks to all for a great weekend and great food and congrats again to Valerie on your big win! Here's a link to a gallery of specifically our cars that my girlfriend took over the 3 days. 348-409 Shootout. Also...
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    Pics from the 2019 GM employee car show

    I recognize that car! It was the only 409 car at the South Lyon car show on Saturday. Pretty cool stuff and a beautiful car!
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    "The" Homewrecker

    That's awesome! I think you'll be down in the 10.20s before the year is over. I hope i'm there to see it.
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    Congrats Bryan! Those are some awesome numbers and i can't wait to see how quick you get it!
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    "The" Homewrecker

    Sorry for your losses :(
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    US 41 Motorplex Morocco, In

    Come on over July 5th, 6th, and 7th. It is a combination nostalgia drag race weekend and U.S. 30 Dragstrip reunion. Race your cars or just show them off. Should be a great time! They even have a pinup girl contest! :D
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    School me, please: Z-bars

    I can't answer your question as to why, but this is a great website i've used over the years for various questions i've had about z bars and what does and doesn't work. If you click the different z bars they give you more detailed descriptions. If...
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    Diaper Pictures

    If you hate sitting in the staging lanes on a 100 degree day, suited up, helmet on, and then have a car oil the track and have to get out and wait 45 minutes for it to be cleaned up, you shouldn't have a bad thing to say about engine diapers or transmission blankets. I wish they had something to...
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    Diaper Pictures

    Wasn't sure what to expect when I read the thread title... :laugh4