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    1961 Impala 8pc Fiberglass Kit- Hood, Fenders, Truck Lid, Valances NEW

    :appl:appl:appl Trunk Lid is Bel Air/Biscayne
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    04 GTO

    They were built here in Adelaide, there is a lot of info on the Holden Commodore forums about these. Over here they were called Holden Monaro.
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    Riots Tonight

    This is what you need !!! "Soylent Green is us" as Sol said.
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    Americans & Guns?????

    My lad sent me this link,
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    Piston Ring Orientation Left and right side for installation.

    I do mine at roughly 120 degrees apart, some a little closer/farther apart, I was of the belief that during operation the rings rotated, I could be wrong but was of this understanding, if they do rotate the position at rebuild is just a starting point to ensure little by pass.
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    Help! SBC overheating only with heater core connected.

    I have a Buick V6 in my 38 Ford, I have a plugged hose at the highest point on the manifold, whenever I need to do any water hose work, I top the radiator up run the engine with the radiator cap off, I removed the plugged hose and it takes a little time to purge the air from the system, once I...
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    Crazy cat thread

    Jeff, what's that about Cats and Politics !!
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    Maybe this will be last hospital visit for awhile?

    :pepper:bacon:flag :dance
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    Where Were You In 1965

    Was that Bamberg?
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    In regards to Nicholson, " The Departed " was pretty good, the other one is " Chinatown ".
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    Americans & Guns?????

    Going to add to the bun fight. In Australia around the mid 70's started a National Health Scheme, . These schemes have been touted as a cure all for modern societies, and to be fair there are some benefits, particularly for hypochondriacs, the...
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    Americans & Guns?????

    Canada, NZ and Australia are still part of the English Commonwealth, and yes we have put up with this socialist left bullshit for too long, both sides of govt tout the same crap, 4 years ago a man with some balls was made President of the USA and frankly has upset this Regal Hierarchy political...
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    348 Tri-Power Carb Issues

    I have been running my triples for 10 years, once I set them up, I haven't touched them ( bet I will now that I have said this). running progressive mechanical linkage. the sealing of the butterflies on the outboard carbs is critical, all the other info is great advice.
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    '60 Chevrolet Impala HT

    :appl:appl:appl this is a great thread, well done with the 60'
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    Ford now on junk bond status and my stock market prediction

    I think you are around the mark Don, the worst is yet to come. These bail out tactics are across the western world, Just in our little state 1.7M people, 22 Billion dollar debt and 1 Billion deficit for 2020 and another each for 2021 and 2022. This will be a 2 generation debt collection exercise...
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    I have always liked those 356 porsches
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    Happy Birthday Bryan Fugate!

    Have a glass of that hooch for me, :birthday:shaker:cigar
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    Tri power manifold rust

    What Don said.
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    Stupid is as Stupid does

    Yep, there pretty good shots, first the Ukranian Jet Fighter, oops passenger plane taking off, and now there own Battleship. Blame it on Whuhan Flu