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  1. Rickys61

    Another Kingswood wagon

    That ‘64 sounds like it was an interesting car Phil... Any idea where it is now??:scratch
  2. Rickys61

    Engine rebuild plan

    I can point you in the direction of someone here in northeast Ohio.. PM if your interested.. Rick
  3. Rickys61

    MidWest 409 club decals+

    I just bid on them on eBay..,
  4. Rickys61


    Man!! You sure got some neat stuff Barry!! :bow
  5. Rickys61

    Life during coronavirus

    Dragway 42 has masks.. too bad they are always sold out of hats and tee shirts..
  6. Rickys61

    the 61 under lock down

    Steve... here are the ones I made up when I had the Jardines on my car.. I’ll see if have the part number for the cutouts I used..
  7. Rickys61

    Oil Pump identity

    Tim... that’s the pump and pickup that was on the engine the pan came off... I noticed it was a lot different than my other stuff, that’s why I assumed it had to be unique to the ‘65 pan.. it’s hard to say if it’s correct or not because it was on a 348 so who knows how long it had been on there...
  8. Rickys61

    Happy Birthday! Don jacks

    Have a great day Mr. Jacks... look forward to seeing you at the track this year..:cheers Thanks for always taking the time to talk and share your wisdom with all of us...
  9. Rickys61

    shipping a dash from NJ to CA? with friends help

    I think you could probably fly with just a 61 instrument cluster, but remember we’re talking about the complete metal dash shell... just so everyone knows what their volunteering for, it’s 54” long...
  10. Rickys61

    Thompson 348/409 event 2020 Is on June 5th-6th

    Why not use your car??:dunno
  11. Rickys61

    348/409 Indiana Race July 10th-12th 2020

    They are a good time, my brother and I went to four races last year and in street stick I ended up 7th and he 10th in points... so now the competitive side of us is taking over and we’re gonna try to get the 1 and 2 spots next year:burnout
  12. Rickys61

    348/409 Indiana Race July 10th-12th 2020

    Count us in... finally an event that doesn’t get scheduled the same time as a UMTR now if I can only figure out a way to be at Dragway 42 and Thompson on the same day...:doh
  13. Rickys61

    shipping a dash from NJ to CA? with friends help

    Steve.. too bad you couldn’t have started putting this together last summer.. lol.. I was at Vernes house in July.. If something comes up where I decide to head to the east coast or someone over that way is headed toward me, I will be happy to meet up and keep it here in Ohio until the races...
  14. Rickys61

    Moroso trick springs

    And here is a link to their spring chart...
  15. Rickys61

    Moroso trick springs

    These are the ones I have in my 61.. did not have to cut them, but they weren’t easy to get in...
  16. Rickys61

    348-409 events

    Move north?... that’s just nonsense Mr Reed....:haha
  17. Rickys61

    What Stall Torque converter for 700R4 to go in the 4200lbs wagon?

    Take it from me... don’t underestimate the carnage a small one of these motors can do....these cars are heavy... when tires and chassis start working right look out....:deal :scared2
  18. Rickys61

    Thompson 348/409 event 2020 Is on June 5th-6th

    That show is also on the schedule for a UMTR race.. might be able to run with them too if you have a stick shift...:rules
  19. Rickys61

    Isky cam

    I have a solid lifter Isky that came in a parts lot I bought a few years ago... I called them and they were very helpful in identifying it for me... I sent it to them to regrind. It wasn’t that expensive if I remember correctly...:deal
  20. Rickys61

    How many 2 door biscaynes had 348s?

    That’s a great car... here’s a picture of my cowl tag on my ‘61... built the 4th week of June in Flint... has the same ACC codes as yours.... first time I’ve ever seen the W 8 together other than mine....