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    jack stand recall

    Umm - no way! John
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    In that picture, Dave also could pass for the comedian Foster Brooks. I'm just saying...:poke John
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    I believe you are correct. My error.
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    And nobody (either in the photo or in your responses) is even paying attention to the Manta Ray show car (I believe that is what it is) behind her. I guess I am getting too old. What do you suppose the camera guys are shooting in the photo?
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    29 Ford Coupe 409

    Welcome to the group. Glad to see another hot rod join us; however... :pics John
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    They said it was Spring!

    88 in the Texas Hill Country today and 70% humidity! It's supposed to rain for the next 10 days starting tomorrow morning. I can deal with that 'cuz I have lots of shop stuff to do, as long as we don't get lightning. John
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    Creepy Uncle Joe

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    Yes, yes I do. And I have ample stock.
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    348 in a '33 Roadster

    32witha409: Thanks for the interest and suggestion, but I don't think it will solve my clearance problems. You might look at the following thread from earlier this year about clearances on my '33 with both a stock 348 pump and a truck pump. The only way I could solve the clearance problem is...
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    I used to do a few of them when I was working in a service station back in the '60's. They scared the S*** out of me 'cuz I had seen the dents in the ceiling over the changing machine and knew what caused them.
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    Mothers Day

    Sorry for your loss, James. The passing of our Mothers always seems harder than our Dads, but that may just be me.
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    348 in a '33 Roadster

    I sent this in about a month ago when Hot Rod did a call for garage tours, thinking it would never be picked to show. I was surprised to see the engine compartment in the lead in photos and thought “that looks familiar”! The video is amateur, but “Welcome to my ’Happy Place’ “! You may have to...
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    Car Things That Annoy You

    Sorry, different perspective. A "deuce" to me is a 1932 Ford. Guess I'm a bit older (72 last month). John
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    Crazy cat thread

    I just can't stop watching this. I know it's a loop. but daaammn!
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    much better than a discussion about trucks...