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    Ebay tips for sellers (add any you know!)

    Great thread! I learned something already. Also, the Greyhound weight limit is 100 lbs. and size limit is 30" x 47" x 82". Last time I shipped something it was a little less strict. for quotes and FAQ. Free shipping goes a looong way on big items. I've found that...
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    '64 SS and '64 425hp-409 Sport Coupe

    Hey those pics look familiar... Welcome Keith. You'll find everything you need to know here when playing with those engines. Tom (think fan shrouds)
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    1955-1970 full size-what year is your least favorite?

    voted on 68 shame on you 64 voters. It's my favorite and always has been well before I bought one. shame on you.
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    Home heating oil

    I'm in NJ and I make biodiesel for the winter. Costs me about 60 cents to 1 dollar per gallon and a weekend off and on per 100 gallons. Problem is finding the used vegetable oil to convert. Anyone that can supply me with some used restaurant cooking oil can get a good price on biodiesel. You...
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    Rat rod project

    There's nothing cooler to me than building something with a specific budget in mind. Anyone can throw money at something, but to be creative enough to make something awesome without going broke is sweet. See if you can figure out a way to make that $5 back and keep the budget at 0 ! oh...
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    Gas Prices Are Becoming Mind Bogling

    One thing I find interesting is how the second crude goes up, gas prices go up. Around me, a gas station isn't allowed to increase its prices more than $.20 every six hours or so. oil has been going down steadily since Monday: how...
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    1963 Impala Trunk

    anyone tried a waterborne epoxy clear? I would think that could hold up pretty well to water...
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    Disappearing Door

    anyone else notice that they don't show the inside of the door? What kind of door panel do you get? Plus all the buttons have to be on the dash. Pretty awesome concept, though.
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    Collector auction -- Philly area

    I'm going probably just to check it out, maybe pick up a parts car if I'm not priced out.
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    Info on building a rotissery for restoration

    here's one: plus a great thread on another forum: a couple things about rotisseries: you should have an adjustable bar on the bottom that runs the...
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    Latest addition to the family

    he was the third dog we found in a 7 day period...We went to Cape Cod the weekend before, and as we were riding our bikes, we came across a friendly little jack russel terrier mix saying hi to everyone who walked by. Eventually someone from the neighborhood came by and we left him with them...
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    What are the odds?!?

    feedreader.opml imported...this is fun! edit: Tic: how were you alerted to to trojan that was trying to install?
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    What are the odds?!?

    as stated before, at least IE7 with anti-phishing enabled, Mcafee antivirus, and I'd like to add spybot 1.4 using teatimer. I haven't seen anything that beats it's realtime spyware protection. Back up important data as often as you are willing to lose backup once a day, you only lose...
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    What are the odds?!?

    Bring 'em on...Lord knows I'll have engine questions:) although Tic's60 has me beat in experience and workload I'm sure I can be very helpful
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    What are the odds?!?

    definitely. Most passwords are stolen through phishing and trojan horse (keyword logging) viruses. didn't want to start an argument, just trying to set everyone straight. Spreading bad information is wrong because when people don't know what to believe, they start believing nothing at all...
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    What are the odds?!?

    passwords aren't saved in cookies or temporary internet files. They are stored in your browser's saved password files only IF you chose to save passwords. Responding to emails are harmless unless you give out personal info. The most they can find out is your IP address
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    What are the odds?!?

    Sorry, when I posted this thread, I should have put it in the ebay section... Speaking of it being scary to deal with Ebay, here's a little-known fact: feel free to verify this info, it is an experience I had about a year ago, they may have fixed the problem by now??? Don't think...
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    Latest addition to the family

    Yeah, that one sounded like a nice deal. Thanks for helping me out. :cool:
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    Latest addition to the family

    Do you mean as far as tuning the TPI, or is this another secret I need to learn about? You asked for it... My girlfriend was in Home Depot one day shopping for whatever and she came across this covered in tar: The vet later would tell us he was most likely a pure-bred(by looking at...
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    Latest addition to the family

    I was thinking that new valve seats would protect my investment and give me peace of mind, but I'll just stick with the expert advice and leave them alone. I guess it's time to figure out how to get that TPI on there...:scratch and the easier to tune it :brow