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  1. Toms63SSQB

    Where Were You In 1965

    Worked at Majestic Molding Co. 11pm to 7am, I hated that job. Went from there to FoMoCo, joined the USAF in December.
  2. Toms63SSQB

    L&L Classic Auto - One of the largest Classic Salvage Yards in the U.S.

    " An acre is a little more than 200 ft square." An acre is 43560 square feet.
  3. Toms63SSQB

    Rock N Race 2020 Lets make it even bigger and better than last year

  4. Toms63SSQB

    Happy Birthday Bryan Fugate!

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday Bryan.
  5. Toms63SSQB

    Mothers Day

    James, so sorry for your loss, prayers sent.
  6. Toms63SSQB

    Wind storm

    More like a tornado.
  7. Toms63SSQB

    409 car on Jay Leno

    And it doesnt even have the correct tee after the fuel filter.
  8. Toms63SSQB

    Car shows

    They have already cancelled half of them in North Central Ohio.
  9. Toms63SSQB

    Silly Question Regarding Bubble Tops

    Does Ray consider his '60 a bubbletop?
  10. Toms63SSQB

    Stimulus Piss You Off

    Do they get to cash the check, I read there is no way to return it and the government knew this was going to happen.
  11. Toms63SSQB

    409 rebuild finally starting

    When Don Jack's sees this he will most likely be the one to respond to your questions. Sounds like a good project, good luck.
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    Happy Birthday! Mike S.

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday Mike.
  13. Toms63SSQB

    Norwalk Raceway Park

    For those of you with Facebook. Click the link below, this is the owner of Norwalk Drag strip, home of the Blue Suede Cruise. This is his response to the Covid-19 shutdown in Ohio and what he is going to do.
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    I believe everyone on here will say a prayer for your wife and family. Especially for God to give wisdom and knowledge to her doctors to be able to fight and cure her of this terrible disease.
  15. Toms63SSQB

    Life during coronavirus

    Mike, we're praying for you, your family and friends, hang in there this too shall one day be over.
  16. Toms63SSQB

    Virus source

    3"" to 1.5" or 2" what a shitty installation.
  17. Toms63SSQB

    Valve cover breathers????

    Carmine has been offline for awhile caring for his wife, I'm sure he will respond at sometime, maybe not right away.
  18. Toms63SSQB

    Hard Boiled

    Build some wood duck houses and put them in the backyard, that would be neat.
  19. Toms63SSQB

    Hard Boiled

    Quail? Soft or hard boiled. Oops hard boiled, don't eat them all at once.