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  1. blown55409


    Caddy shack. Rodney Dangerfield at his best.
  2. blown55409

    Chinese Coronavirus

    Your fear stops, where my rights begin.
  3. blown55409


    Somebody’s got something on him, pedo island maybe? And Epstein didn’t kill himself.
  4. blown55409

    79 Beers

    For this crowd it should be 99 beers and 20 dollars.. JK , but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
  5. blown55409

    Didn't we have.....

    lol ^^^^
  6. blown55409


    Maybe zero four nine should join the Prius for pussies forum. I’m sure he’d fit right in.
  7. blown55409

    Didn't we have.....

    Don’t forget that Mrs. Pence teaches where that little girl goes to school.
  8. blown55409

    President Trump says, take back your prisoners or else

    Returned to their county from 30 thousand feet.
  9. blown55409

    Trump Impeachment

    Best response yet!!!
  10. blown55409

    Everything Explained

    Rules for radicals, overwhelm the system politically. Anybody know where Saul Alinsky is buried? I’d like to piss on his grave.
  11. blown55409

    Trump Offends

  12. blown55409

    To all my democrat friends

    Finally, the great pumpkin has been found.
  13. blown55409

    Yea! Bernie is running.

    She’ll have to wait 6 years before she’s eligible.
  14. blown55409

    Didn't we have.....

    Joe Biden and Hillary?
  15. blown55409

    Juicy Smellit....Chicago

    There’s still the federal mail fraud issue. Don’t think that’ll be so easy to dismiss.
  16. blown55409

    Trump 45

    I support the walk away movement, do you? How about blexit?
  17. blown55409

    Trump 45

    LOL, what a clown
  18. blown55409

    Pocahontas Predictions

    Think about this. No Republican ever owned a slave. However, there is a party that did and still exists.
  19. blown55409

    Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

    Hat tip. Dr. Jack Wheeler. ??