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  1. 303Radar

    Radiator Question- Summit Brand

    I will have to call them. Their website doesn't list 59 - 64 Chevy applications.
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    Radiator Question- Summit Brand

    Doing some more research based on 1958 Delivery's info, looks like I can boil the choices down to the following dual core aluminum radiators: DeWitts - 1 inch tubes Classic Performance- 1 inch tubes BeCool - 1 inch tubes Griffin - 1 1/4 inch tubes Probably out of consideration is: Frostbite - 4...
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    Radiator Question- Summit Brand

    Thanks Mike! I guess a better question would be, what is a good resource for cooling basics? For example, why is one tube size good for copper but not as optimal for aluminum? From what I've seen, tube sizes for aluminum range from 5/8 to 1 1/4. Which is better, Crossflow or Downflow? My...
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    Radiator Question- Summit Brand

    I've been looking in to cooling solutions and saw this come up: In short, 4 row aluminum radiator with fans and shroud. I expect this will fit without the stock shroud in place, even though it is 6.25 inches...
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    Ragan's '59 El Camino Rebuild Project

    Next question, how do I measure spark plug wire length? Right now, in a straight line, it is between 6 and 7 inches from the end of the coil pack to the tip of the spark plug. I'm not sure what kind of boot angles would be helpful either. These are LS3 coil packs. Thoughts?
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    Ragan's '59 El Camino Rebuild Project

    Here is a pic with everything mocked in place. Thank goodness for painter's tape folded over.
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    Ragan's '59 El Camino Rebuild Project

    Been away for a bit with a new job and staying on top of family. But today I got my valve covers back from my neighbor who did some work for me. I now have a bracket I can mount my coil packs on, over the valve cover. Thought I'd pass along a couple of pics. The nut zerts won't interfere with...
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    Large Tube Header Options

    Only had 54k miles or so on the 250hp block.
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    Large Tube Header Options

    4 inch stroker, + .020 on the bore. I told my builder I just wanted the cylinders cleaned up and that is all it took on the 348.
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    Large Tube Header Options

    After taking a break from work on my 59, I've decided to give it some attention. I'm putting all the accessories on the engine and checking clearances. Soon on the list is large tube headers for the 431. It's been a while since I've looked into the options and curious what is available and worth...
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    348 4 barrel and intake recommendations

    I know my life would be in better shape if my wife listened to you more than them! Oh, wait, she barely listens to me!
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    Black Paint, Better Application?

    Here's more of a thought experiment more than a reality check. Google created the deepest darkest color of black. There has got to be a better application than a BMW: What is everyone...
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    R.I.P. Jessi Combs

    Outside of TV, I didn't know her at all. I encouraged my daughters to watch as encouragement for whatever they want to do. While I'm sad she has died, if I had to choose a way to go, it would doing something I love!
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    Gasoline Recommendation

    There is a Murphy's Express about the miles from me. Sells Ethanol free 89 octane for a dime more than the 10% 89 octane. Definitely worth the buck or so extra for it.
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    Cam selection

    Love to see what they come back with!
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    No clue!

    For my 431, with BWR heads and expecting to run 8 psi of forced induction, I bought NGK plugs. The part number is in the attached photo. Like a lot of things, it seemed like a good idea at the time.
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    Cam selection

    You out to try filling out the form on the Bulet Cam website. It asks about engine, cylinder bore, stroke transmission, intended use, vehicle weight, rear gear, 1/4 mile goal, nitrous, forced induction, etc. They'll give a recommendation but the nice thing is, doing all electronically, there is...
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    6 Percent of Americans don't believe we landed on the moon.

    Is this the same guy who hounded Neil Armstrong and got a beat down from Mr. Armstrong? I remember watching a video of it. Then the guy takes Neil to court for assault and loses the case, even though Neil threw the only punches.
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    my 348

    Any reason for 40 over? With a 3.75 stroke in a 348, you now have a 409!
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    Manual Steering sway bar options

    Being the heaviest engine, I guess it makes sense the 6 cylinder cars would have one.